Friday, July 25, 2008

Today's stress test and more

Today's stress test went just like all of the others. I did have about a 15 minute wait before going back this time. At least it wasn't the half hour wait like the first time. They did have to wake the baby up again. He was awake right at first and moving around then went to sleep shortly after they made sure he was active.

We have been working on getting rooms rearranged and painted and such for the kids. First painted the nursery. The below picture sort of shows how it looks, but the color didn't quite show through right. And it's a narrow view picture, but at least you have somewhat of an idea on how it looks.

This is a picture of Jimmy sitting on his new bed. Yes, he pulled a face on purpose. We moved the computer out to the family room (which I think is a good idea anyway)and cleaned out the room and then painted and such. Jimmy is very excited about having his own room, but also worried that he'll get scared being by himself. As I'm writing, Russ is moving his dresser down the stairs. I hear the clunks and it makes me a little nervous, but he's doing okay. I think eventually we will end up painting the dresser, but that's not high on my list right now.

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Jared & Lisa said...

cute. And nice. I like the rooms. Wow, I just noticed on your baby tracker the time you have left. Have they given you an induction date yet? I would have thought they would have you scheduled at least a week out from your actual due date and that's only three days out? Is Stacey going to be your info person for the friend side? I'll have to ask her if she'll text us or something. You don't want to be calling tons of people. But we're thinking of you guys!