Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heart Mom Luncheon

I have always been glad that I joined the local CHD support group, IHH (Intermountain Healing Hearts). Today has been no exception to that. I am not the most social person in the world, but despite that I attended a luncheon they had for heart moms. I know that any description I give won't really do the event justice, but that won't stop me from trying.

In addition to lunch, Margaret Cardall, mother of award winning-composer Paul Cardall (if you remember I've mentioned him before and had a link to a video on youtube that he did where he included a couple of pictures of Dylan) spoke to us about some of her experiences with raising a child with a CHD. She said many things that were touching and many that were humorous. She talked about how there were times where she thought she needed to sleep for just two hours and have some time and she would be fine. She spoke of losing a son this past summer and how his death made Paul's heart transplant and recovery that much more of a miracle. She talked about how it's okay to live now even when we worry about our children and do the things we would like to do.

After she spoke Paul played a few songs. For one he asked for a volunteer to come up and pick three notes on the piano and said from those notes he would compose a song. The song he played from those three notes was very beautiful. Amazing to me that people have the talent to do that. He mentioned being an adult and being a patient in a children's hospital. Said it was humbling to be around all the children who had so many problems but were so strong. Said he thinks of Primary Children's as being a sacred place.

I actually thought the brief words of the emcee for the event, Rebecca Cressman, a dj for a local radio station were as good as the rest of the day. She mentioned having a son who had chronic illness as a child and as a senior in high school and in track trying to make it to an event and just missing his event. Said he told her he knew she missed it (and was glad) because out of all of the voices in the stands, the only one he can ever hear is hers and how he would know that if he failed, she would feel worse than he did. She mentioned then the power a mother has. That out of all the voices in the world, our children hear ours louder than the others.

All in all it was a very nice event. One that has left me feeling grateful and blessed for having been able to be there.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today I had my "20 week" ultrasound appointment. (In case you're wondering, I have the 20 week in quotes because apparently that's what they call this ultrasound appointment even if you aren't quite 20 weeks yet.) One thing I've always liked about my doctor is that there is rarely a long wait at the appointments. Unfortunately, such is not always the case when it comes to the ultrasound appointments. Today was one of those long wait days. The ultrasound tech even commented that his schedule was getting further and further off. When Russ and I got there a lady ahead of us went back. I knew it would be at least 20 minutes before we would go back. It was a bit longer though. By the time we finally went back, two other couples were waiting for their appointments.

Instead of taking the day off, Russ just took a longer lunch. The longer we were sitting there, the more I decided it was a good thing I didn't pick him up and we just met there. That way he was able to leave to go back to work right after the ultrasound and didn't need to wait with me to meet with the doctor.

The ultrasound went really well. He got a really good look of the heart and said that as far as he could tell, everything looked great. This was the same ultrasound tech I've had for all of my kids. He was the one who found Dylan's heart defect, so I trust his results.

I really didn't care one way or the other if the baby were a boy or a girl. I just wanted the baby to be healthy. Russ and Jimmy kind of wanted a boy. The girls wanted a girl. I had always kind of figured it would be a girl but I'm usually wrong. This time he got the ultrasound picture where it should be and then asked us what it is, since we've gone through this a few times before. I said, "Sure looks like a girl to me." So yes, we are having another girl! Now if we can come up with names...

Here are a couple of pictures from the ultrasound. This first one is of a hand and of a foot.

This one is a profile picture.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Cub Scout Pack Meeting

This month at pack meeting for cub scouts, Jimmy received several awards. It was his last pack meeting as a cub scout too. And I very nearly forgot about it. Would have forgotten it completely had Russ not asked Jimmy why he didn't go to scouts that day. I started to say because he's an 11-year old scout now and not in cub scouts anymore so wouldn't be going to pack meeting when I remembered that he did need to go to it and looked at the clock to see that it was about to start. I told Jimmy to quickly grab his scout shirt and we drove over while Russ stayed home with the rest of the kids. I had been planning on having the whole family go since Jimmy would be getting lots of awards but by forgetting about it didn't have time to get everyone to go. Which might have been easier anyway.

I did find the camera and did take pictures. Which have been put on the other computer and not the one I'm using. I may go back and add pictures later.

Jimmy received the pins for his communicator, family member, traveller, fitness and handyman activity badges. He earned all but 4 of the activity badges for Webelos. He also earned his compass patch and two compass points. His biggest award was the Arrow of Light award. I took video of him receiving that and since it takes so long to put videos on blogger doubt that I will put it on. The ceremony for that lasted several minutes as all of his past leaders said something about him as he crossed a bridge thing they have into boy scouts. (That wasn't the original plan for the ceremony but the person who was going to do it was sick and couldn't be there so it was a last minute decision. But I thought it was kind of nice that way.)

Jimmy is excited to be in boy scouts now. Partially because they are going to go camping sometime this summer with their fathers. I think Russ is excited about that as well. I just wonder how long it will take me before I remember what day and time he goes for his boy scout meetings instead of thinking he needs to go when he would go for cub scouts. At least he remembers.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Jimmy's Party

I have really slacked off on writing on this blog. Not really sure why other than the fact that I haven't had much to say. Granted, I've had Jimmy's birthday party I could write about for a while now and just haven't done it. Been meaning to for a while though, if that counts for anything.

Jimmy invited a few friends to come over and then walk to the nearby dollar theater to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and pizza the day after his birthday. He was worried that no one would show up because another boy in his class was having his party at the same time. Russ and I kept telling him that if he was so worried about it we could easily change his party to the following week. We also said if he didn't want to change it and only one or two boys showed up that maybe we could go somewhere else a little more fun. The boy in his class ended up changing the time for his party, which was rather nice of him.

Somehow it went from Jimmy inviting 3 or 4 boys to inviting 6 or 7. (I say 6 or 7 because at this point I can't remember which it was and just don't feel like trying to figure it out.) I had planned all along that we would all walk over and as soon as the movie was over I would drive and pick up some pizza. Then Russ suggested that I stay home with Dylan and pick up the pizza while they were gone. Brilliant. So when it came time for them to walk to the theater, I distracted Dylan by pointing out the neighbor's dog as Russ walked off with a herd of boys and our three girls.

The movie started at 4:50 and was supposed to end around 6:30 so I drove over with Dylan to get pizza when I thought it would give me time to drive over, get the pizza and get home by the time they got out and walked back. Figuring this was a bunch of boys, I ordered a lot more pizza than I really needed. Next time I'll know that I don't need quite so much. Dylan was good and stayed right with me as I carried out the pizza to the car. He snagged a cheese stick before he would happily get in his carseat.

As I drove past the movie theater on my way home I saw people coming out like a movie had recently ended. So I figured I would have a few minutes before they got back. I was surprised when Molly came running out to greet me as I got out of the car. They had been home for just a minute or two so it really was good timing.

The kids all happily got pizza and drinks and then Jimmy opened his presents. He was thrilled with all of his presents. Then instead of a birthday cake, we ate birthday pie. Should have seen his eyes light up when I told him he could have pie instead of cake. The pie went over surprisingly well. At least no one complained about having pie instead of cake.

All in all he had a good birthday and party. Kept saying it was one of his best. Which is nice to hear.