Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Cub Scout Pack Meeting

This month at pack meeting for cub scouts, Jimmy received several awards. It was his last pack meeting as a cub scout too. And I very nearly forgot about it. Would have forgotten it completely had Russ not asked Jimmy why he didn't go to scouts that day. I started to say because he's an 11-year old scout now and not in cub scouts anymore so wouldn't be going to pack meeting when I remembered that he did need to go to it and looked at the clock to see that it was about to start. I told Jimmy to quickly grab his scout shirt and we drove over while Russ stayed home with the rest of the kids. I had been planning on having the whole family go since Jimmy would be getting lots of awards but by forgetting about it didn't have time to get everyone to go. Which might have been easier anyway.

I did find the camera and did take pictures. Which have been put on the other computer and not the one I'm using. I may go back and add pictures later.

Jimmy received the pins for his communicator, family member, traveller, fitness and handyman activity badges. He earned all but 4 of the activity badges for Webelos. He also earned his compass patch and two compass points. His biggest award was the Arrow of Light award. I took video of him receiving that and since it takes so long to put videos on blogger doubt that I will put it on. The ceremony for that lasted several minutes as all of his past leaders said something about him as he crossed a bridge thing they have into boy scouts. (That wasn't the original plan for the ceremony but the person who was going to do it was sick and couldn't be there so it was a last minute decision. But I thought it was kind of nice that way.)

Jimmy is excited to be in boy scouts now. Partially because they are going to go camping sometime this summer with their fathers. I think Russ is excited about that as well. I just wonder how long it will take me before I remember what day and time he goes for his boy scout meetings instead of thinking he needs to go when he would go for cub scouts. At least he remembers.

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