Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More about Russ and the whole job thing (edited to add more info)

I didn't want to include this with the last post because I just didn't feel like adding a different subject with it. Debated not even posting this one for a while, but thought I would anyway. Monday night, I asked Russ if he was planning on talking to Rich on Tuesday (he had Monday off). Russ sighed and said that the more he thought about it, the more he felt that going to Dal is the right thing to do. We had gone to the temple on Thursday after he mentioned he was still wondering if it's the right thing to do. There, he got the impression that he needed to talk to Rich to get any sort of closure.

Anyway, after I got back from scouts yesterday (Russ hadn't gotten home by the time I left and a neighbor girl offered to stay with the kids until Russ got home), he told me that he had talked to Rich. And it didn't go quite as he imagined it. He said he has never seen Rich act as humble as he had. Rich offered Russ another $1 an hour to stay, and told him to think about it and get back with him in a few days. Also told him that he wouldn't really blame him for leaving, but that he was sorry if they made him feel like they wanted him to quit, because they didn't. Also thanked him for the work he has done for them over the years.

As of last night, Russ hadn't changed his mind about leaving Contempo. He did tell me that one of his tile contractor friends heard he is going to Dal and got excited. He's happy that they will have someone working for them who knows what he's doing.

Edited stuff: Russ came home from work today and said he's made his decision. Decided that he really doesn't have any potential with Contempo, where with Dal, he has a lot. He feels he can offer a lot to Dal and if Contempo doesn't realize they are losing their best guy at AO, tough. Decided that offering him a dollar more to stay really isn't worth it. And if they don't recognize his value and potential for them as a worker until he wants to quit, it's too little, too late. I asked Russ a few minutes ago if he feels better having decided. He grinned and said he'll probably change his mind tomorrow.

Back to School

Yes, today was the first day of school. Russ gave Emma a father's blessing for school last night. She was so excited that as soon as he touched her, she squeaked. She was practically bouncing in the chair until then. Jimmy had gotten mad at Russ (which was Russ' fault) and wouldn't let Russ give him a blessing. I figure Jimmy will let him today. Jimmy is now in the third grade and Emma is in Kindergarten. Technically, school hasn't started for Emma yet and won't until the 6th of Sept. We did have Kindergarten Orientation this morning, though, so she was able to feel like it started for her. She will do her individual testing tomorrow.
Jimmy's teacher is Mrs. Hansen. He was worried that she would be a mean teacher because she wasn't smiling in the yearbook picture he looked at of her. I walked over to pick him up from school because I realized I didn't talk to him this morning to see if he wanted to come home with the neighbors like he had been doing at the end of the school year last year. I got over to the school and he saw me and pointed to his friends and said, "Can I stay and walk home with them?" At least I got some exercise out of it. When he got home shortly after I did, I asked him how his first day went. In a tone that dripped "Well, duh," he said, "It was great!" I asked him how he likes his teacher. "She's the best teacher ever!" I'm glad he is happy.
Emma has Mrs. Larsen. Kindergarten Orientation went well. I didn't pay as close attention as I probably should have though. Jimmy had the same teacher so I figure I basically know everything she was going to say. She had all of the kids color a picture while she talked so it wouldn't be so boring for them. Afterward, she gave each child a balloon. Molly was very sad at first because she wanted one and I told her they were for the kids starting Kindergarten. Mrs. Larsen then told me that she got extra balloons for the siblings who might be there. Molly was very happy after that. As was Lyssa. I think Emma will be happy when she actually starts going every day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bear Lake

As most know, we went camping at Bear Lake this past weekend. We had fun. Lyssa isn't a big camper yet (Emma and Jimmy really love camping) and kept saying she wanted to go home, but I think she had a good time most of the time. She's still pointing out all of her mosquito bites though. Anyway, I thought I'd post some pictures from the trip.
Molly and Lyssa sitting at one of the tables in the pavillion area.
Rebecca and Lyssa playing with the sand toys they gave to Lyssa for her birthday.
This time Molly joined them.
Jimmy, Sadie, Maddy, and Emma playing on a sandbar.
The group hanging out on the beach. Not quite sure where Russ and Dave were.

Emma on the sandbar
Jimmy and Sadie making their "island."
I think Lyssa was getting sleepy....

Oh, Russ went yesterday to be an extra in a movie called "Emma: Songs of the Heart." I didn't think to send him with the camera to get a picture of him in costume. Wish I had. He said a lady took his picture and told him she would email it to him, but then he never gave her his email. Unfortunately, the director cancelled the scene he was to be an extra in so he didn't get to do anything other than get dressed up and get stuff put in his hair to make it look greasy. He did say he got to meet the guy who plays Joseph. I think he had fun even though he didn't get to do anything.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yet another Russ update

Russ gave Contempo his two week's notice today. Phil, the manager, had been away on vacation and didn't get back until today. Russ came home early from work yesterday because he's sick and probably would have stayed home today if it weren't for needing to give his notice. He told me he was trying to decide if he should take Phil out to lunch and give him his notice then, or just pull Phil aside and talk to him. Turns out that Phil pretty much made the decision for him.

Phil pulled Russ aside to talk to him about the whole raise thing and said he heard he was thinking about quitting. Russ told him that he had been meaning to talk to him earlier in the day, but Phil had been busy in the back, so he hadn't had the chance. He gave him his notice and talked to him for a little bit. I got the impression that Phil feels bad about it, especially since his getting the manager position is one thing that has led to this. Russ assured him that he isn't upset with him, but he's just had it.

Phil was heading down to the main Contempo building right after that anyway, so he told Rich and the others. He told Russ that Rich will be calling him soon and he will have to have an exit interview before he leaves. Which Russ didn't seem thrilled about. But it's done.

Now I'm just hoping that everyone will be well so we can all go camping this weekend. Jimmy has been sick today. Poor kid seems pretty miserable with it. Emma and Molly have already had it. Just Lyssa and me left to get it. And I think Lyssa is starting to get it. I really, really don't want to get it.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed it, don't forget to check out my poll!

And I just found out another thing. Russ will be an extra for a film called "Emma: Songs of the Heart" that is being made by the people who made the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration film on Monday. The email Mike forwarded Russ about it said that it is being made for the decendants of Joseph and Emma, but they will give each of the extras a copy of the dvd.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Latest on Russ and job stuff...

Russ just called me as he was leaving work. He said he called the guy at Dal and told him that he can start working for them on the 5th of Sept. Wants his last day at Contempo to be the day after the holiday so he doesn't lose the holiday pay. He hasn't given his notice yet because his manager is on vacation until Wednesday. He will tell his manager when he gets back. He did tell the guy at Dal that if Contempo says not to bother with giving notice, he'll be starting sooner. And he said either way is fine.

So there you have it. Guess we all know what he decided to do now, huh?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Musings that I still question posting, so I won't feel bad if you don't read....

Seeing as Stacey teaches the Gospel Doctrine class in her ward, she mentioned to me yesterday that the lesson she was working on for today talked about Haywood Valley. (I have since discovered that my ward is two weeks behind hers for the lessons.) Now, you may be wondering why she knew I would find it interesting. Or you may not, since I'm sure most already know why. At any rate, Haywood Valley is located near Rome, Georgia and was part of my area when I served in Rome as a missionary, so I am quite familiar with the story the lesson mentioned. I even used the story as part of my homecoming talk.

I asked Stacey what the lesson said about Haywood Valley. She told me that I could look up the lesson on, and so I did. I read it and told her that I liked the version of the story I have better. Of course, the version in the manual was a shorter version (and misspelled Haywood Valley-it spelled it the same as Sister Heywood, who was mentioned in the story), which probably works better given the time limit in Sunday School. I did email Stacey a copy of the version I have (which was take from the book The Life and Times of John Morgan), in case she decided she wanted to use some of the longer story.

Since then I have been thinking about the story and my time in that area. I only made it to Haywood Valley once in the time I served in that area. And the sun had gone down, so there wasn't a lot of light. But I can still remember the feeling I had as I rode through the valley. Besides thinking that the valley was very pretty in the dusk, my entire body tingled the whole time we were there. It was a strange sensation, actually. Part of that was probably brought about by my knowing the miracle that had taken place there, probably close to 100 years earlier. I still wish I had been able to get back to Haywood Valley in the light so I could take a picture of the valley. Perhaps I can someday.

I do remember thinking when I was there as a missionary that if they ever build a temple in Rome, that they should build it in Haywood Valley. I still think that.

I also find it interesting that there I met people who were decendants of some involved in the story, and later, when I was serving in the Young Women presidency in the Camelot ward, the Young Women President was a decendant of Sister Heywood. Her maiden name, in fact, was Heywood. It seems that the story of the miracle of Haywood Valley keeps creeping back into view for me. But that's okay. I've always liked that story.

By the way, if anyone is interested in a copy of the story that I have, let me know and I can email it to you.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Again, Yay!

Russ was playing on the computer last night and discovered that the pictures we had on our old computer (seeing as the hard drive from that computer is now in my new computer) were still on the hard drive. Which means we didn't lose all of our pictures. Just all of the pictures we've taken since December. I'm just happy that we still have some of the pictures. Now if I can only get it to actually burn them onto a cd...

On a sadder note, I'm sorry to hear about your dog, De. I got a little teary when Mom forwarded your email about Gracie. Going to be strange for you to not have a German Shepherd. Should bring you out a white cake from Dick's for sympathy.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Steve and Mike worked together and managed to bring our computer back to life. Unfortunately, we lost everything. I had previously tried to burn all of my pictures onto a cd, but for some strange reason it didn't work. Ah, well. They're only pictures. At least I put some here on the blog.

We are now starting the process of going through and putting things back on the computer. May take a while, especially seeing as I can't find all of the disks for things we had on it. Luckily, they are easy enough to get.

So thanks Steve and Mike! Nice having a computer back again. Yes, I admit it. I'm addicted to the stupid thing.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update on job front

Thought since I am at Mom's and her computer works, I would update on the latest I know about Russ and the whole job thing. And that comes from what Russ said to me yesterday (which really wasn't a whole lot...he doesn't usually offer information).

Dal Tile has received the results of both the drug test and the background check. Called Russ yesterday and told him to let them know which day he wants to start. Pretty straight-forward, doncha think? Well, at least you'd think it would be simple and that the matter would be over, but no.

Yesterday Aaron (the guy at Contempo who made the decision about the manager position) pulled Russ aside and explained why he did what he did and told Russ that he doesn't want to see him go. My impression was that it was all talk, but I wasn't there to know. So Russ is once again questioning leaving Contempo.

Makes me wonder if he needs someone to call him and talk with him about the whole thing who isn't directly involved. I told Russ that I don't want him to not take the job with Dal and later regret it. I also told him I think he should go to the temple, but I'm not sure when he could do that with the things that are going on. Last night he had mutual, we have a neighborhood party tonight, tomorrow night our stake is having a father/daughter campout (which I'm not sure if he's going to or not seeing as he is scheduled to work Saturday but had told E that he probably needs it off...really should remember to ask him about it).

Anyway, that's about all I know at this point. Hopefully I'll know more soon.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Info about Russ

Hi! This is Stacey typing for Cindy because her computer died. They're holding a funeral for it tonight at midnight. Although, they're still holding out hope that by some miracle Steve will be able to bring it back to life. If he does, their computer will be known to them as Lazarus.

Anyway, Russ had his interview at 8:00 this morning. They are doing a drug test and a background check and the bigwig guy is supposed to be in town this week, so they want Russ to meet with him. That will likely be later on this week. Tomorrow or Wednesday, actually. (I got my original information from Mom and sometimes some of it gets lost in translation.) He should have the results of the test in 3-4 days. Here's hoping he passes. He did go camping with the scouts this last week, so those hallucinogens he took might still be in his system. Oh, and they would give him what he'd want money-wise.

So things are looking good for the most part for Russ and his possible new employment.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thanks to Myrna

Today I finally took Myrna up on her offer to watch the kids for me for a while, which she offered to do as a birthday present for me way back in April. Kind of glad I waited and took her up on it when Russ is out of town.

I dropped the kids off around noon and then I went to lunch at Rodizio grill with Mom, Aunt Evelyn, Micki and Mikinley. (Thanks for that, Mom.) After eating way too much at lunch and still managing to get a caramel apple, I got my hair cut. I've been wanting to get it cut for a long time now. Having really thick hair and having that hair long means longer time spent washing said hair. Especially when it is somewhat water-repellant in the first place. Besides, getting it cut shorter is instant weight loss. Probably not more than three pounds, but that's still three pounds lighter. So yes, my hair is back to being the same as Stacey's (which you can see if you go to her blog and look at the pictures she has in one of her postings). But since we live in different states, we won't confuse anyone.

After getting the hair cut, Mom and I did a little bit of shopping before heading back. And man, traffic was bad. Took us at least 30 minutes, if not 45, to go what should have taken us 15.

So thanks again, Myrna! The kids had fun and I had fun. Just wish I had actually been hungry when I made dinner for the kids.

Here's a picture of me with my new haircut. I really hate pictures of me. Didn't notice until now that I forgot to set the camera to take the closer picture so I'm out of focus. Not that it's a bad thing....

P.S. I finished the advance copy of the Terry Brooks book (The Elves of Cintra). Now I get to wait a year for the next book to come out so I can find out what happens.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I know I've already posted today, but wanted to quickly tell about something kind of funny, kind of fun. A while ago, I received an email newsletter about an upcoming book by Terry Brooks. I noticed a small note off to the side that said you could enter to win one of 30 advance copies of the book to give a review to the publisher about. I entered it. I forwarded the newsletter to Mom and Stacey, who also read the books (this is the second in a series...of a series...if that makes any sense at all). Mom told me to enter it for her, but I couldn't because of the way you entered it. You sent an email. She went ahead and entered it. Today she received the book in the mail with a letter saying she was one of the 30 winners. (But she is being nice and letting me read it first.)

I just find that funny because last year I entered her in a contest to win 4 VIP tickets to the Real Salt Lake/Real Madrid soccer game. And she won those (took me along to that one, too...not that I gave her a choice with that one). So she's winning the contests that I tell her about or enter her for. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket for her.

Derby Days

We had our Pinewood Derby last night. Jimmy had been looking forward to it for a while now, but I wondered how it was going to go for me since Russ is at scout camp and wouldn't be able to be there to help with the girls. At our scout committee meeting in July, they had assigned me as one of the two track judges, so there would be a time that it would be hard for me to keep an eye on the girls. Luckily, Mom and Dad came up to help me out with it. Turned out that I didn't need to be a track judge, so they didn't need to come up, but it was nice of them anyway.

They had each car race 6 times, twice on each track. Jimmy's car won once (had to run that race twice because of starter error and his won both times) and took second three times and third twice. After the races, they gave out awards and a 100th year of scouting medallion to each boy. Jimmy received the best workmanship award for his car. Which he says he should just give to Russ since Russ did most of the work on his car.

In addition to the pinewood derby, Jimmy also received his wolf badge and two belt loops last night. Forgot to tell his den leader in time that he also did enough to earn two arrow points, so that will have to wait until the next pack meeting.

Jimmy with his car.
One of Jimmy's races.
Getting his award for best workmanship
Jimmy wanted me to post a picture of just his car....
Jimmy (with the scoutmaster, another leader and me) getting ready for the little ceremony to receive his wolf. I tried to also add a picture of Jimmy with me after the ceremony with his face painted, but for some reason it won't let me. Guess I save that one for next time.

Monday, August 6, 2007

August Birthdays

There are several who have birthdays this month, so I thought instead of having a whole bunch of postings saying happy birthday that I would just do one for this month.

So happy birthday this month to Isabel, Di, Mariah, Kelly, JD, Rebecca, Keith, and Chris!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Sometimes I wonder if the bosses at Russ' work want him to quit. Of course, if that's what they are trying to do, they've succeeded. (No, he hasn't quit yet. He'll do that after he gets back from scout camp and has his second interview with Daltile.)

Yesterday Russ called me as he was leaving work. Said to me that any doubts he had about leaving Contempo have left completely. I asked him what happened the reason he said that. He told me that he found out earlier in the day that they were giving raises to everyone at his branch. Everyone, that is, except for him.

E (short for Konae-I could be wrong with the spelling. pronounced Kon-ah-e) and Phil (the new manager at his branch) went to Rich (the pres at Contempo) and said that he needs to give Russ a raise, too. Rich said, "But he's maxed out down there." They were able to convince him to give Russ a 50 cent raise anyway. A guy who works with Russ and has worked half as long was given a raise to make the same as Russ. And he mostly sits around doing nothing.

Russ told me that E was going around telling all of the guys at his work what Contempo tried to do to Russ. He's probably as mad about it as Russ is. Russ said he was tempted to go to Rich and ask him what his deal is. He says that there are those at Contempo who make more than him for doing the same or less than he does. Wants to ask if the problem is that he doesn't brown-nose. He also says he thinks he should tell Rich he's quitting when he does. So that when he's asked why, he can say, "Well, I feel that I'm maxed out here and can't really go further. And I need to go somewhere where I'm appreciated."

Russ leaves for scout camp early this afternoon and won't get back until next Saturday. I think it's a little silly that he's going since they will have three leaders and only two boys going. But he's not listening to me on that one. Seems to think it's too late to back out of going. And I think he's been looking forward to it for a while now. Hope he has a good time. He probably needs something like this to get his mind off of work for a bit. His second interview with Dal is the Monday after he gets back from scout camp. He used to plan on giving Contempo two week's notice but doesn't care anymore and they'll probably be lucky to get one.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Fun (among other things)

I got a call this morning from one of my neighbors asking if the kids and I would like to join them in going to a movie over at the Kaysville dollar theater. Two weeks ago we went with them to see Meet the Robinsons. Usually several in my neighborhood go along. Today the movie they decided to see was Shrek the 3rd. We had gone to see that movie when it first came out, but I thought it could be fun to take the kids to see it again. Even though the rows aren't quite long enough for everyone who goes from the neighborhood to sit in the same row so I tend to just sit with the kids in my own row and basically wave at the people I know.

I asked Emma, Jimmy, and Molly if they wanted to go to the movie. Emma and Molly got every excited and yelled, "Yes!" Jimmy wasn't so happy. He said that he didn't want to go because we had already seen that movie. A few minutes later, when he was still unhappy about it, I told him he could invite his friend Austin to come along. He practically ran to the phone. Austin told him that he had already seen the movie twice, but would love to come with us. So I gave them lunch real quick and then a couple of mintues later Austin arrived.

I drove over to the theater, even though it is close enough to walk. It rained pretty hard earlier and I didn't want to risk getting caught in the rain. Although walking would have been easier than trying to find a place to park. Not always easy, but I managed it. The kids enjoyed the movie (for the second time). Molly even clapped at the end.

Came home and gave the kids ice cream and then Lyssa decided she was tired and went and laid on my bed and fell asleep. I was hoping she wouldn't nap this late, but what can you do when they go and take a nap all on their own? Here are a couple of pictures from after the movie. Jimmy with his ice cream, Lyssa asleep on my bed with her popcorn, and Emma and Molly sitting on the couch with popcorn.

Decided to go ahead and throw in this last one. Lyssa wanted me to take the picture and I was kind of surprised it turned out as well as it did, being a self-portrait.