Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update on job front

Thought since I am at Mom's and her computer works, I would update on the latest I know about Russ and the whole job thing. And that comes from what Russ said to me yesterday (which really wasn't a whole lot...he doesn't usually offer information).

Dal Tile has received the results of both the drug test and the background check. Called Russ yesterday and told him to let them know which day he wants to start. Pretty straight-forward, doncha think? Well, at least you'd think it would be simple and that the matter would be over, but no.

Yesterday Aaron (the guy at Contempo who made the decision about the manager position) pulled Russ aside and explained why he did what he did and told Russ that he doesn't want to see him go. My impression was that it was all talk, but I wasn't there to know. So Russ is once again questioning leaving Contempo.

Makes me wonder if he needs someone to call him and talk with him about the whole thing who isn't directly involved. I told Russ that I don't want him to not take the job with Dal and later regret it. I also told him I think he should go to the temple, but I'm not sure when he could do that with the things that are going on. Last night he had mutual, we have a neighborhood party tonight, tomorrow night our stake is having a father/daughter campout (which I'm not sure if he's going to or not seeing as he is scheduled to work Saturday but had told E that he probably needs it off...really should remember to ask him about it).

Anyway, that's about all I know at this point. Hopefully I'll know more soon.


Green Family said...

I say go to Dal Tile! Let contempo get a taste of what life is like without Russ Green. If they want you back, they'll call you with a nice offer. I was told that the best way to move up in a business and to make the most money is to never spend more than 5 years in one place. I've seen people do it and it works for them. Change is hard though, isn't it?

gsd4de said...

Seriously. Go to Dal. If you are looking for votes, that is what I vote. You've been to Contempo forever and they keep overlooking you for management. They pay a guy your same salary for not being there as long or working as hard. Total no-brainer. Their loyalty isn't with you. Your's shouldn't be with them. They have to EARN that. I haven't seen it for you. Dal will give you better opportunity to grow.

Stacey said...

Yeah, Bryce and I agree. With no concrete promises, it will probably go back to same old, same old and he'd regret not taking the Daltile job.

Michelle said...

I don't quite agree with Bryce & Stacey, knowing Corporate America, they will treat you worse and pass you over for promotions more because you are showing them that they can treat you like crap and then ask you nicely to stay and you will take it. You teach people how to treat you, if you stay after all they have done and pass up an opportunity like that at Dal Tile they will know exactly how to treat you in the future. I think Cindy is right about going to the temple about it, but that is my two cents!