Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rachel's 6 Month Check-up

I took Rachel this week for her 6 month check-up. She had been sick with RSV and a double ear infection earlier so it was kind of nice that her check-up was later in the month instead of closer to her birthday. Just nice to know that she was over it.

I had decided to keep Lys home from school that day because I also had a hair appointment and with gas prices being what they are, I really didn't feel like driving back and forth all day. Plus there was always the chance that the appointment would run late and I wouldn't be able to pick her up on time anyway. When I told the girls that Lys would be staying home because of Rachel's appointment they weren't thrilled. I didn't really expect them to be. But in talking with them, I happened to mention how Dylan is thrilled whenever someone else had a doctor appointment. They grinned and said that they know. When he has something they want, they often say, "If you don't give that to me you'll have to go to the doctor." I think it's funny that they would come up with saying something like that. Mean, but funny.

Anyway, Rachel's appointment went well. She's over her RSV (which I knew only because she wasn't coughing any more. She was always happy even being sick) and is a "picture of health." She didn't much like the nurses. Cried with them and getting weighed tried to hold onto me for dear life. Smiled and smiled at the doctor though.

She now weighs 17 pounds, 4 ounces and is 27 inches long. That puts her about the 75% for weight and 90% for height.  So far she's staying my biggest.   And she is a very happy baby. 

Her siblings all love her and almost fight over whose turn it is to hold her.  She will go to them and be happy but doesn't usually take long before she's reaching back to me.  She just really likes her mom. 

Thought I'd throw in two more pictures.  The first one is of Emma holding Rachel. The second is just showing her sitting up.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This month Jimmy performed in the 6th grade play. They did "Into the Woods."  Jimmy was one of two boys who played the role of the prince's steward in the performance.  Here he is in costume:
The kids worked hard to learn ttheir parts and did a pretty good job.  As usual, we were later in getting to the school than I hoped (same story with Emma's 3rd grade program, but I'll get to that) so had to sit in the back.  So the pictures we got weren't the best.  But sitting in the back has its advantages when one has to take a 2 year old to the bathroom in the middle of the show.  Jimmy was excited and nervous about the performance and only forgot one line, but I think that was more out of confusion on whose turn it was to speak.

Here's a picture of Jimmy on stage:

The next week it was Emma's turn.  The third grade put on a program about how people can make a difference.  Emma had been excited about the program and was often talking about for weeks before the program.  She quickly and easily memorized her line for it.  Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries so I wasn't able to take any good pictures.  This one I have posted is the best one I was able to get.  Emma is standing in the front row.  They all wore dark clothes because they used black lights for one song. 

As I said about Jimmy's play, sitting in the back sometimes has its advantages.  I had to take Dylan out a couple of times and Lys out once.  This time though I was right by the doors.  Made it that much easier to take them out.
After the program, my mom took the kids to get ice cream.  Since getting a new car, we were all able to go together.  Which was nice.  After going almost 6 months with not being able to fit the whole family in one car, it's still almost strange to think that we can all fit now.  Anyway, the kids had fun getting the ice cream.  Probably went a little overboard since it was a serve yourself kind of ice cream place where they charge by weight.  Amazingly, they ate almost all of it.

Happy (Belated) Birthday Jimmy!

Last week was Jimmy's 12th birthday.  Usually birthday parties bring a little bit of stress into my life.  Mostly in the part of figuring out what we are going to do for the parties.  This year Jimmy's party was a breeze on my side.  Jimmy did all the planning and made the invitations and passed them out.  He asked me if I could make a cake to look like an Xbox console.  I figured it sounded easy enough, but Rachel had been sick with RSV and wasn't often happy when I wasn't the one holding her.  Made for a kind of rushed job on the cake, so it wasn't as clean as I could have made it otherwise.  But all in all, I was happy how it turned out.  Jimmy said it wasn't as good as the turkey cake I made several years ago, but he was happy with it too.  I think this one probably tasted better than that turkey cake.  Just because I used a from scratch recipe instead of a boxed cake mix.

Jimmy had his party the day before his birthday and that night went to his grandparent's for a birthday sleepover.  He had told his friends that all he wanted was cash.  Even told my mom that instead of the usual candy box for birthdays that he wanted money instead.  With the money he got from his friends, his grandparents and us, he bought himself a digital camera and a small video camera and a tripod.  Not surprisingly, he informed me yesterday that he is now the historian in his scout troop.

After he came home from his birthday sleepover, I took him shopping and bought him a suit since he would be ordained a deacon the next day.  Still strange to think that I have a son in the Young Men's group now instead of Primary.

Anyway, here's a picture of his cake and one taken during his party.  Some of the candles on the cake were the kind where the flame is the same color as the candle, the rest were the trick candles.  Really was funny watching him with the trick candles.