Friday, May 29, 2009

Sedated Echo

Dylan had his sedated echo bright and early this morning. Bright and early enough that I left home with him before the sun had risen above the mountains. With the sedation, he wasn't supposed to have anything after 6 this morning and only clear liquids after 2 am. I expected him to be a bit cranky. Luckily, he pretty much stayed asleep as we got him dressed and put in his car seat. He stayed asleep until I had to get him out for a chest x-ray that they did first. He seemed more interested in where he was and what was going on than wanting food, so he wasn't cranky. At least until I went to lay him down so they could get an iv in him for the sedatives. He just really didn't want me to lay him down. And then the nurses had the nerve of holding his arm still. I thought he would cry harder once they put the needle in, but I really didn't notice a difference from his crying because they were touching him. Yeah, I'm thinking he would not have done well for the echo had he not been sedated. He doesn't think people he doesn't know should touch him. Heck, he doesn't think some people he does know should touch him sometimes.

I then went with a nurse back to the room to do the echo. Turned out that the guy performing the echo had done one on Dylan back when he was 3 days old. He was surprised that Dylan wasn't crying. I guess a lot of the kids are still upset about getting the iv by the time they get back to the room for the echo. Dylan stopped crying shortly after the nurses let go of him. (They had commented about how strong he was so really taped up the iv spot so he couldn't pull it out. He found the end that they left exposed to be fun to play with.)

After they finished up with the echo (his saturation levels kept going down, likely because of the tail end of a cold so he kept them paying attention nicely), I went with him to the OR recovery room while he woke up and drank some apple juice. He was still a bit loopy when I left there with him to go back to cardiology to meet with his cardiologist.

Dr. Menon said that we will try to get as much mileage out of his conduit as we can. Obviously it is still leaking (mild to moderate) and one of the pulmonary veins is a little narrow, but he doesn't think it needs to be corrected right now. He is having Dylan come back in 6 months (two months longer than between the last two appointments). He said there he will probably have me schedule an mri to get a really good look at his heart but added he's pretty sure this conduit will last 6 more months. I get the feeling there that it probably won't be much longer than 6 months before he needs his next surgery. But in the meantime, I'll try not to worry about it. Other than the leak and slight narrowing, his heart is functioning very well.

That's about all there is to mention about his appointment today. Went faster than I expected, which was nice.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

4th Grade Rendezvous

Today at the school the 4th grade had a nearly all day Mountain Man type of rendezvous. I remember doing a little bit of Mountain Man stuff in school, but don't think it was to quite the level as the one today. Actually, about the most I remember doing was watching Jeremiah Johnson or A Man Called Horse.

The rendezvous they had today at the school looked like it was a lot of fun for the kids. They had a "watering hole" where the kids could get drinks of root beer, a booth to get popcorn, a booth for fried bread (well, we who were there said scones, but the sign said "Fry bread"), and even a general store. All of these things cost the kids "beaver pelts" which were actually yellow paper that said beaver pelt on it. Then they had games. The games were mostly games that fit the time period. Like rolling a hula hoop with a stick or leg wrestling. I lucked out and was able to help out with the scones. Even though we were cooking with hot oil and that was hot, we at least had shade. Most of those helping out with the games had to sit out in the sun.

I got there about 12:30 and did a little bit to help get things set up and ready as we waited for the kids to come out. Molly and Lyssa entertained themselves by playing on mounds of dirt and sod that the school district was dumping in the parking lot. Why? I have no idea. The only picture I was able to get today was of a lovely sod castle they made later. I had forgotten that my camera needed to be charged so that was all I could get. I may eventually post it. But not today. The kids came and seemed to have a blast. I managed to splash a little bit of oil on my hand, but it startled me more than anything. Guess I'm just used to a little bit of oil splatters (it's the ones that pop in the eye that really hurt).

Jimmy had been telling me he needed something that he could barter with, preferably homemade, so I make some sugar cookies for him. Gave him 2 dozen that were frosted and even had sprinkles. Hadn't been totally convinced that he needed them, but as I was over there I learned that he did. After the activities that I helped with the kids were going to have their own bartering time. He didn't come home with any. Kind of makes me wish I had eaten one before I gave them to him. They were a little on the big side for cookies. Guess it just gives me an excuse to make more, right?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Picnic on the Playground

Okay, now that I'm done with that somewhat cheesy post before this, I can get on to lighter things.

Today was the school's annual Picnic on the Playground. I remember the elementary school I went to doing something like this. Only they gave everyone sack lunches to go eat out on the playground. I remember thinking it was a blast. Maybe next year I will have the kids get the school lunches instead of bringing them lunch for it. Just because.

Anyway, this morning I wasn't quite sure how it would work out. Molly had been sick and throwing up early this morning. Has since been and felt fine, so I'm hoping it was just something she ate and that it won't spread to the other kids. Not sure I'm ready for everyone to get sick again. Anyway, since she was feeling better, I decided I would go ahead and stay there and eat with the kids rather than showing up to check them out and going home. The kids seemed to have fun. They ate quickly then ran off to play on the playground and get their free snow cone. The only downfall was that when we went to their classrooms to get their backpacks, Emma's was missing. We think someone must have taken hers, mistaking it for theirs. So hopefully she will get it back on Tuesday. Hasn't stopped her from being sad about it though.

Here are two pictures of the kids eating their lunches. I really only took the two pictures. It was bright so I hadn't noticed that I managed to cut off Emma's face. Sorry Emma.

Totally off the subject here, but I have seen way too many movies. When I go to pick up Dylan and see that he has a runny nose, I can't help but call him (in somewhat of a British accent-don't even remember if the movie character spoke with a British accent, but I always do) "Snotface."

Time Flies

I am often amazed at how quickly time passes. Seriously, it feels like the school year just barely started, not that it is nearly over. I remember when it would seem like it would take forever for Christmas to come. Now it comes and goes before I can even blink. The saying is true that life is like a record. When you are young you are on the outside and it takes longer for each turn. But as you get older, you move closer and closer to the center and pretty soon the years are flying by. But at the same time, I remember reading a quote once that said to really test your memory, try to remember what you were worrying about one year ago today.

I do sort of have a point to this. It was a year ago today that I had the ultrasound where they found that Dylan had a heart defect. Russ hadn't come with me to that appointment. We had an ultrasound 8 weeks earlier where we found out we were having a boy. Before the appointment I kept telling Russ he didn't need to worry about coming with me, it should be fine. (So you really can forgive yourself for not being there with me, Russ.) There was some small part of me that worried that something would be wrong, but I mostly ignored it.

I thought I was being good. When the ultrasound tech told me there was a problem, I didn't cry. Sure, I had a tear or two escape, but I thought I was being quite good about it. Then the nurse asked me what I found out with the ultrasound. I lost it. Think I panicked the nurse, actually. Didn't take me long to regain composure. I made myself chuckle by thinking of Jimmy being born 7 weeks early and Dylan's heart and wondering to myself, "What is up with my boys?"

It really was a hard day. Every time I would feel Dylan move, my stomach would drop and I would think of his heart. As hard as that day was though, it ended much better than the bulk had been. After the kids were all in bed, Russ gave me a priesthood blessing. It was one of the longest blessings I had heard him give (and I've heard him give long blessings). The blessing totally changed things for me. Instead of thinking of the problem with his heart, I would think of the things that were said in the blessing when I would feel Dylan move. Nearly all of the stress I had been feeling vanished. Enough so that at times I wondered if I were in denial about his heart because of the lack of stress. Sure, there was still the worry and stress at times, but nothing like I had been feeling that day. It strengthened my feelings that we were supposed to have Dylan. But mostly strengthened my knowledge that our Heavenly Father blesses us and helps us through our trials and struggles as we allow Him to.

It was a year ago that my life started down a path that I had never thought I would be on. But from the blessings I've seen because of this path, I can say I agree with James Taylor when he sang, "It's just a lovely ride."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Primary Planting Activity

On Saturday our ward had the annual Primary activity of planting flowers around the city buildings. We were a bit late, so most of the flowers were already planted by the time we got there (they were fast at planting), but the kids were still able to plant a little. I think the thing they like the most about the activity are the popsicles afterward. I think this was about the first one that Russ was able to go help with. Which meant he helped the kids plant while I stood and chatted. I hope he can come help next year, too.

Anyway, here are a few pictures. Not in any particular order.

This first one is of Russ, Molly, and Lys as they are planting.
Molly and other kids enjoying the popsicles.
Jimmy and others.
Bunch of kids playing around a fountain at the city building. Jimmy and Molly are in there somewhere. I thought Emma and Lys were, but I can't see them.
While some were finishing up the planting, some of the boys decided it would be fun to play in the covered bench area for the bus stop. Again, Jimmy is in there somewhere.
Russ with Emma and Molly.

Molly's Tooth and Jimmy's Face

On Sunday Molly lost her first tooth. She pulled it out herself. Just thought I'd post a picture of her with her missing tooth. (And just so you know, she thinks she needs to pose with her hands by her face for pictures lately.) Also throwing in a picture of Jimmy's first bike riding injury. The morning after he learned how to ride it, he managed to hit the curb and wipe out. He swore up and down that he'd never ride again. That lasted maybe 5 minutes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike Riding Part 2

Just a little bit after my last post, Molly came in grinning and said she can now ride her bike without tipping over. I went out and took a video. Emma was chattering at me nearly the whole time about Dylan, but here's the video of Molly on her bike:

Later while Jimmy and Molly rode their bikes, we got Lys and Dylan in the carrier thing we have for our bikes for the kids and Emma sort of attempted to ride her bike. She decided then she wanted to ride in our other carrier but Russ took a while getting it ready so she changed her mind. Mike and Sadie rode their bikes over (and determined it was exactly two miles from their house to ours) and Jimmy rode with them back to their house. He had a lot of fun.

Bike Riding

If you've read my facebook status, you are already aware that Jimmy just learned to ride a bike. (I can't really give him a hard time about being 10 when he learned. I think I was even older.) He'd been trying for a couple of days and kept insisting that he couldn't do it and bikes were dumb. Then yesterday Mike and Sadie biked over from their house so Jimmy happily got on his bike and practiced some more. I commented to Mike that I wondered if he would have any luck helping him. He really didn't do anything we hadn't done, only was a little more specific when he told him about turning when he feels like he's tipping. When Mike and Sadie left, Jimmy was really no closer to riding his bike. Two minutes after they left, he was riding around and would tell me that riding a bike is really fun. He now says that his uncle taught him to ride a bike, which makes me chuckle. He even has since tried teaching his sisters to ride a bike. And he had his first wipe-out this morning. Early. Hit the curb and scraped his cheek. I tried to be sympathetic and not laugh. Honest.

Here's a picture of Jimmy showing that he can ride any bike now and riding the really little one we have, Emma happily running along behind him (if you notice, I recently cut their hair. Jimmy wanted a buzz so that was easy. Didn't do a great job on Emma's hair. Obviously not a professional. Not even close to one).
Here's a short video that shows him riding Emma's bike. Again showing that he can ride bikes other than his own. Oh, I meant to add in my previous post that I hadn't posted about it before because I had no idea where the camera was. When Jimmy was actually riding the bikes yesterday I asked Russ if he knew where it was. Guess I should have asked him sooner.

Renaissance Festival

Last weekend we had some friends come from out of town to go to the Utah Renaissance Festival. They stayed at our house and talked us into going along with them. They came prepared to attend in costume (even so far as to make some of the costumes), which they were happy about when we looked at the website and it said that costumed guests would receive half off of admission. They actually brought an extra costume that they lent to Russ to use. I had one that I could use, but lent it to my niece for Halloween so borrowed one from another friend (thanks Suzy). The girls used costumes they've used at Halloween before and we did a quick make-shift costume for Jimmy and for Dylan. It was fun. Especially watching the jousting. There was a wedding there that day, too. Here are a few pictures we took that day. Unfortunately, we didn't get any of the actual jousting because I handed Russ the camera and he was holding Dylan so didn't take any.

This first one is of Molly, Jimmy, and Emma as we were waiting for the jousting to begin. We got there a bit early so we would make sure we got good spots for the kids to see easier. Just so you know, if you go watch a jousting event, watch out for flying lance pieces.
I mostly took this picture just to prove that Dylan was there. Russ tried to make him look like a little pirate. he had a little hat and everything, but kept pulling it off.
Russ with the other kids looking at the horses they used for the jousting.
Here I'm trying to get Molly up on the horse for a ride. She was afraid of the horse and was fighting me. Never did get her on it, so Lys took her turn. Quite happily, I might add. By the horses they were selling Pygmy goats. Russ and the kids said they wanted one. I said no.
Jimmy on the horse.
Emma riding the horse. I love that she has an expression like she's very proud of herself here.
Lys on the horse. This horse was funny. They had some hay for the horses at the starting/stopping point and she didn't want to go. Just wanted to stand there and eat. Typical horse.
Jimmy in the stocks.
Russ in the stocks.
Russ and Molly. Have to add that the shirt Russ is wearing makes me think of a certain episode of Seinfeld.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Emma and Russ and Homework

A few nights ago Russ was helping Emma do some of her homework that she had from missing a couple of days because she was sick. They made me chuckle watching them so I grabbed the camera and took a couple of pictures. So, yeah, this post is pretty much just to share the pictures. I love their expressions in this first one.
A couple of minutes later I took this picture of Emma working on her homework.
This is what Russ was doing in the meantime.

Molly's Preschool Graduation

Yesterday Molly had her preschool graduation. It came earlier than planned because her teacher was just diagnosed with leukemia and her doctor wanted her to stop for now. At this point she is still planning on doing it again in the fall, so Lys will still be able to go to her preschool.

Anyway, Molly was very excited about the graduation. It was cute. They sang a few songs, told what their favorite part of preschool was, then each got a diploma. Afterward they had some snacks. Well, muffins, donuts and grapes.

Here are a few pictures from the graduation. The first is of Dylan as he was sitting at my feet waiting for it to start. Then Lys, of course, wanted me to take her picture. I told her to smile and she made an expression that reminded me of a Sesame Street character. Finally told her to say cookies.

Molly stopped to wave as they did their procession walk to start the program.
All of the kids and their teacher with their caps and diplomas.
Molly and Teacher Jen.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dylan's 9 month checkup & May birthdays

I took Dylan in this morning for his 9 month well checkup. I had actually thought the appointment was tomorrow until they called me yesterday to remind me about it. Guess I wrote it down wrong.

The nicest thing about today's appointment was no shots. I was a little surprised that Dylan was happy there and didn't start to cry the second we walked through the doors with the number of shots he has gotten this winter. He smiled at everyone. Just so long as I was right there. When the doctor was examining him, he made sure he had his hand on me. (Kind of like how he has a fist full of my hair as I'm typing this. At least he's not pulling it.) Unfortunately, his ear looks like it's infected again (or way to know for sure) so the doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics and said it's up to me if we decide to use them or not. Wants me to come back in 2 weeks to recheck his ear. So if we don't give him the medicine now, we may have to if it hasn't cleared up by the time I take him back in. I'm leaning toward giving it to him just because he does have a sedated echo at the end of the month and figure it's probably better if he doesn't have an ear infection then.

He now weighs 19 pounds, 8 ounces and is 28 inches long. His weight is almost exactly in between the 50th and 25th percentiles and his height is very slightly under the 50th percentile.

I know I'm a bit late and instead of making a separate post, decided to just do the monthly happy birthday wishes with this one. Which also means I won't post pictures. (Partially because my computer with all of my pictures on it didn't want to let me log in to blogger for some strange reason.) Anyway, happy birthday this month to Lisa, Salli, Katie and Michelle! Hope your birthday is (or was) great!