Friday, May 8, 2009

Molly's Preschool Graduation

Yesterday Molly had her preschool graduation. It came earlier than planned because her teacher was just diagnosed with leukemia and her doctor wanted her to stop for now. At this point she is still planning on doing it again in the fall, so Lys will still be able to go to her preschool.

Anyway, Molly was very excited about the graduation. It was cute. They sang a few songs, told what their favorite part of preschool was, then each got a diploma. Afterward they had some snacks. Well, muffins, donuts and grapes.

Here are a few pictures from the graduation. The first is of Dylan as he was sitting at my feet waiting for it to start. Then Lys, of course, wanted me to take her picture. I told her to smile and she made an expression that reminded me of a Sesame Street character. Finally told her to say cookies.

Molly stopped to wave as they did their procession walk to start the program.
All of the kids and their teacher with their caps and diplomas.
Molly and Teacher Jen.

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Monica said...

Way cute to do for the kids. Congratulations Molly!!!