Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike Riding Part 2

Just a little bit after my last post, Molly came in grinning and said she can now ride her bike without tipping over. I went out and took a video. Emma was chattering at me nearly the whole time about Dylan, but here's the video of Molly on her bike:

Later while Jimmy and Molly rode their bikes, we got Lys and Dylan in the carrier thing we have for our bikes for the kids and Emma sort of attempted to ride her bike. She decided then she wanted to ride in our other carrier but Russ took a while getting it ready so she changed her mind. Mike and Sadie rode their bikes over (and determined it was exactly two miles from their house to ours) and Jimmy rode with them back to their house. He had a lot of fun.


meg said...

Look at her go!! It's been so cute to see them practicing outside. I got a kick out of Molly when she rode her bike over in her full protective gear. It's good that she was fully protected crossing the street. :)

Monica said...

Way to go Molly!!! Wow your family sure is doing quite a bit lately. I also loved listening to Emma in the background.