Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hm. I'm sitting here staring at the screen because I know there was something I had thought about for a subject for a post. I even vaugely seem to remember thinking of most of what I would write for that subject. Beyond that, everything is a blank. Cannot remember what it was at all. Nope, not even a glimmer of what it was. So why am I telling you all this, you ask? Well, a couple of reasons, really. Hoping that as I sit and type I will remember what it was I had been thinking of saying and so that you will know that I really did have something to say. Just because I can't remember what that thing was is irrelevant.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that this morning I read an article in the newspaper about how the Chinese consider 8-8-08 to be a lucky day so many are going to try to make it so they have their babies on that day and for the rest of the morning I thought that was my due date and how it would be kind of fun for the baby to be born on that day. Only kind of fun. I never make it to the due date, so it wouldn't be fun in that aspect. Then as I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting for them to call my name for my monthly check-up, it dawned on me that my due date isn't 8-8-08. According to the nurse, it's the 7th. (Which she mentioned today in asking me when my due date was because the receptionist had written down that I'm 30 weeks along. Would have missed a couple of appointments if I were that far along. Would have also missed getting the Rhogam shot-which I wouldn't really complain about if I didn't actually need it-I do hate getting shots.) So in order for the baby to be born on that day, I would have to go past my due date. And that really doesn't sound like fun to me. But for those interested, I scheduled the ultrasound appointment today. That will be on the 27th of March.

Seeing as that's the only thing I can come up with that it might have possibly been, most likely that was the subject I had been thinking of. Of course, I was wrong in my thinking for it so instead of posting this, I really should delete it. But I probably won't. Because I'm insane.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

We seem to be nearing the tail end of this bought with a bad virus in our family. If you sit in my house for a while, you will still hear coughing from nearly everyone, but not as hard or as often. Jimmy and Emma even went back to school yesterday and today. Granted, Jimmy thought I was the meanest mom in the world for making him go. He didn't complain about not feeling well until I told him to get ready to go. I told him he had to go. Said if he felt bad enough, he could always call home. (Of course, he told me that his teacher wouldn't let him call home and he went to school today without a single complaint so it must have worked.) Emma, on the other hand, was happy to go, and happy that she was the fastest to get over this.

Lyssa is still sick with it though. She's had a fever the past couple of days and will get really cranky and tired at times, but doesn't cough a whole lot. For the most part she acts like she feels completely well. I just know she's not feeling well if she falls asleep in my arms in the afternoon. Doesn't usually do that.

Molly, on the other hand, has yet to really get it. I thought she was coming down with it two nights ago when she coughed a few times just before bed. But she didn't. Or rather, hadn't. She has started to sneeze a little bit today, so I am thinking that the virus is catching her. Despite her announcements after each sneeze of, "I'm not sick!" We could luck out with her and this could be it for her, but I'm not holding my breath.

Of course, the way these things tend to go, we may have a day or two of everyone feeling fine and healthy and then some new and exciting virus will find its way to us. Or, like Emma did a year ago this coming Sunday, someone will fall and break a leg or something. Can't decide which one would be worse.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Russ work related info

Yes, I know, I've already posted two other things today. I just happened to have a few things to mention and decided they would almost work out better in separate posts since I ramble enough anyway. This way I keep to the subject. At least sort of.

Russ called me today and told me that he found out that effective Friday, Contempo is closing the AO store. We knew this was happening as they had been moving inventory down to the main Contempo store and to their big distribution warehouse. They kept two of the showroom girls but fired everyone else. They also fired a couple of guys at Contempo. One of which had been working for Contempo longer than Russ had.

Really makes me glad that Russ quit Contempo and went to work for Dal. Russ said he commented to E that it could have been them who were fired if they had stayed there. E said that if they had stayed there, AO would still be running. Which could be true. But the way things were heading over there, I'm not positive it would be true. I just know that Dal has done better and AO has done worse since Russ, E, and Mossy left. It would just be totally stressful for us right now if Russ had been working there and had been fired. Man, I'm glad he works for Dal now.

One reason why warmer weather is looking nicer and nicer....

Kind of continuing the Valentine's post, about 10 after 3 Russ sent me a text saying that he was home because he was feeling icky. He had been feeling sick Wednesday night and considered staying home Thursday, but went anyway. His boss finally sent him home. He tells others that his boss said, "Russ, go home," and he said, "Okay." What he really said was, "But we're kind of busy right now and could use the help..." His boss repeated his previous statement. Russ then said, "Okay." He did tell him that if he felt the same way, he wouldn't be in the next morning. He did end up staying home. As did Jimmy. Jimmy had also stayed home on Wednesday. I told Russ that on Wednesday Jimmy was better by 10, so he could probably still go on Friday and be fine. By 10 on Friday, Jimmy seemed fine.

Saturday they were both still sick (Jimmy was obviosly not faking this time), so I decided that it would be helpful to take the girls to a movie so they could rest easier. Took the girls to see the Veggie Tales movie, "The Pirates Who Don't do Anything." They have been on a big Veggie Tales kick, so I knew they would like to see that one. Even though I really wanted to go see Enchanted as both movies are at the dollar theater. Jimmy was a little upset that I went to the movie without him. Not that he wanted to see that movie, he really didnt. He wanted popcorn. I was kind of surprised that even Alyssa did really well with watching the movie. She was a little impatient for it to start. Of course, when there were only about 10 minutes left of the movie, Emma decided she really needed to go to the bathroom. I can tell you the very ending of the movie, but not how they got out of the main plot situation. Ah, well.

After the movie, I drove over to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream for the girls. I had planned on just getting it and going home and having them eat on the way home, but ended up staying there to let them eat. I also bought some ice cream for Russ and Jimmy. Because I'm nice like that. At least sometimes.

Anyway, Sunday morning came and Russ and Jimmy were still sick. Only now Emma was sick. Lys started coughing, but acted fine. Russ was supposed to give the closing prayer in Sacrament and the ward choir (which I'm in) was to sing, so I went to church, even though I was starting to feel like I was getting it, too. Molly was fine, but we kept her home, too. Mostly because she was saying she didn't want to go to her class, she wanted to go with me. We told her it was her class or home. So she stayed home. Which actually made church really easy for me. Except for the whole having to give the prayer for Russ and feeling like I was getting sick thing. Got home and got under a blanket and didn't want to get out again. By that time my body was aching and my nose was really running. Russ was starting to tell me that dying would be easier than feeling as bad as he did. So he called Steve and had Steve and Dave come (thanks again) and give him a blessing and assist him in giving everyone else one. Except for Molly, that is.

Russ went to work on Monday and was okay for the most part. Said his head had the real foggy feeling in the morning, which caused him to feel every bump in the road on his way there. He said he sounded worse than he felt. Jimmy said he felt okay except for his cough. Emma started to act better, too. At times would act like she didn't feel well, but mostly acted a lot better than on Sunday. I felt better than I did on Sunday, too. Not great, but better. Just thought it was nice that the kids didn't have school because of President's Day.

Then bedtime came. Jimmy no longer felt okay except for his cough. Emma, who usually sits and jibbers in bed for a while, went right to sleep and complained of feeling cold. Made me glad that I had previously decided to err on the safe side and cancel scouts. (That reminds me. I really should call the other leader and let her know I cancelled scouts. Anyone know how to say, "I cancelled scouts because I'm sick" in Portugese?) Yes, today Jimmy and Emma stayed home from school. Jimmy was coughing enough that I decided to take him to the doctor just to make sure he didn't have something besides this nasty virus. Turns out, he just has the virus. They said to call if it gets worse or anything of the like. Which, if you go and read Stacey's blog (if you haven't already), you will see why you should call if they get worse. I think she wins this one. I feel a little better than I did yesterday, but this is one that comes and goes. I will still have times where I just want to go lay down and sleep. And sleeping isn't the easiest thing to do with 4 kids. Especially when the 3 youngest see you laying down and think that's a good time to come and play. At least we went to bed a little early last night. Well, the kids didn't get to bed any early. I sure did though. I'm thinking it sounds good for tonight, too.

Belated Valentine's post

I really did mean to write a post on Valentine's Day. I was going to take my handy dandy little camera with me when I went to Jimmy's class and helped out with his class party and then I would have some pictures to post with telling about it. But typically, when I was loading everything up to take over to the school, the camera totally slipped my mind and I didn't bring it. I did remember before the party actually started, but didn't think I really had time to run back home and grab it. Plus I didn't really feel like running home just to grab a camera. Anyway, I thought his class party went well. Probably mostly because I was able to take the three girls up to Myrna and have her watch them while I helped at the school. Still kind of shudder to think of how it would have been with those three very bored during the party.

For my part of the class party, I bought some unfrosted cupcakes and some frosting from Dick's and topping stuff and the kids were able to decorate their own cupcakes. We divided the class up into 4 groups (makes you almost wonder about the quality of education the kids are getting when one of the other moms who was helping asked the teacher how many were there and she said 25 and after you pipe up with, "So 6 or 7 in each group," the other mom and the teacher both say, "5 or 6") and had them at one of 4 stations for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it didn't take any of the kids 20 minutes to decorate and eat their cupcake. Maybe 5 minutes, tops. Having had lots of candy for the topping, I did let them just eat some candy while they waited for the whistle to move to the next station. Although most enjoyed looking at the Valentine's they had just received from other class members. I did my best to keep them from distrupting the other 3 groups. Which wasn't actually as hard as it sounded. Helped to remind the kids to wash their hands because they were a little messy after the cupcakes.

After the party was over, I took the leftover cupcakes and frosting back out to my car and waited a few minutes for Jimmy to come out. We then drove back up to get the girls to come home. Of course, they were having a good time and so we stayed for a bit as Jimmy and Emma compared the Valentine's they had each received. Emma told me her party was fun. I think she was most excited about the foam and pipe cleaner bracelet she made. Which she has since lost.

That was pretty much it for my Valentine's Day. Russ bought me some roses a couple of days before and a heart-shaped cake from Dick's when he stopped during that really bad storm to pick up some frosting for Dick's for me. I still owe Russ some Rice Krispy treats. I usually make him some for Valentine's. Didn't have anything to make them though. At least I did run out and buy him a strawberry milkshake later that night because he was sick.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

100th post

Wasn't actually going to title it that, but then I noticed that it would be my 100th post so decided to stick with that.

Just thought I would give a little more details about Russ and me expecting our 5th. Seeing as that's almost all the information I gave two weeks ago. Anyway, for those who might not know and are wondering, the due date is August 7th or 8th (depending on if you go by the online due date calculator or my doctor's nurse). I tend to think of it more as the 7th, but that's just me. You can pick which one you want to go by. We should have the ultrasound at the end of next month. Jimmy is hoping it will be another girl because he says he likes being the only boy. Yes, I know Russ and I had said we were done having kids with 4. Quite content with 4, actually. But when we were at the temple and praying about Russ' job situation, we both felt like we were supposed to have another child. And after we found out we were expecting, Russ gave me a blessing and in the blessing it said that Heavenly Father is grateful that we are willing to have this child and that if we didn't have this child, it would go to another family and would not have the gospel. If I haven't given you any information that you were hoping for, let me know and I may tell you.

And completely unrelated, I have a couple more little stories about Emma that made me laugh. Emma had a very loose tooth. One night I was trying to get her to let me pull it, but she was quite nervous about it and wouldn't let me. Shortly afterward, we had family prayer and then she went to the bathroom. When she came out, she told me she had said a little prayer asking Heavenly Father to help her not be scared about her tooth coming out. I said, "Okay, let me try to pull it." She quickly jumped away and said, "I don't think He's answered my prayer yet!" (She pulled that tooth this past Sunday just as we were finishing eating dinner.) A couple of nights ago Molly was nervous about sleeping alone in her bed. She told me that Emma would be in the room with her though, so it would be fine. Emma said, "And Jesus will be watching over you!" Then last night she was looking for an electronic toy thing she has. She told me she was saying a prayer that she would be able to find it. Shortly afterward, she found it and I heard her tell Molly, "I said a prayer that I would find it. Jesus whispered a secret in my ear but I didn't hear it, but then I found it!"

So that about does it for my 100th post. Not all that impressive, but that's okay. And just because people like pictures, here's a picture of the 4 kids gaining up on Russ and trying to dog-pile him on the couch...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Nascub Racing

Tuesday night for pack meeting we had "Nascub Racing" with box cars. Yes, cardboard boxes made to look somewhat like cars and then the boys would be in the box and race around a "track." some went to really a lot of work to do their cars. Russ brought home a box from work on Tuesday and he and Jimmy worked quickly to get it ready. Jimmy previously had a box, but let's just say kids will be kids....
Anyway, I thought I would post a couple of pictures that were taken that night. I didn't take the pictures as I was the only one who had a stopwatch and so they needed me, but Jimmy's den leader was kind enough to take a couple of pictures using my camera.
This one was of Jimmy at the starting line just about to race. He got the prize for the biggest car.
This was after his race. The straps Russ made from duct tape didn't hold for all three laps. Broke on his last time around, so he pretty much stopped at that point.

I had no idea that she took this picture, but thought I'd throw it in there. I was recording times. Not really sure why they had me do that since we didn't do anything with it. Ah, well.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences

Well, I just got back from going over to SEP's for Jimmy and Emma. I scheduled them a little further apart than I did last time because last time I was a little late getting to the second one. This time I would have been right on time, so I got to sit around and wait. Which is fun with 4 kids. At least Emma's teacher gave them each a treat. Kept them entertained for a few minutes, at least.
Anyway, Emma is doing much better at actually doing her work. Her teacher gave her a little doll for a prize today because she got enough green stars and stickers to earn the prize for doing her work. She did say that some days Emma just doesn't seem to want to do the work and it won't matter how much she tries to get her to do it, she just won't. Said if she tells her too many times, she almost shuts down, so she tries not to tell her too much. But for the most part, she's doing better. We made the goal to try to do the reader books faster (part of that is my fault...she will tell me she doesn't want to read them at the moment and I will forget to get her to read them later).
Jimmy is doing pretty well. He currently reads on a 5th grade level (he had told me 6th, guess he looked at the paper wrong). She said he struggles with some parts of reading, but thinks he knows it, but is afraid of giving the wrong answer so he won't answer. She showed me his test results for the IOWA testing that they do at the end of the 2nd grade and for the most part, he is on the above average scale. A couple of things were slightly below the 50%, but some were above the 75%. He also sometimes doesn't finish his work, but he's always done that. Takes his time to make sure things are right so just doesn't finish. He had to stay in from recess last year a few times to finish work, so this isn't a big surprise to me. But he really is doing well.
Both Emma and Jimmy received coupons from their teachers for doing well at school. Emma's was for perfect attendance the first half of the school year. Both were coupons for free kids' meals at restaurants. Emma's for Fagoli's (or however that's spelled) and Jimmy's for Mimi's. Guess I'll just have to try to take them to those restaurants sometime.

New Teeth for Lyssa

I took Lyssa back to the dentist today to get her new teeth. It was a really fast appointment (she wasn't happy with it at all, so it was a good thing it was fast). Anyway, here's the best picture I could get of her with the 4 missing teeth. You can almost see why Russ calls her a vampire without those teeth.
She wasn't cooperating very well for getting a good picture of her with her new teeth. Well, she did pose briefly really good, but I wasn't fast enough in snapping the picture. She moved before I was finished. She had been eating a donut, too, so her face is a little dirty in the picture. Ah, well. You can at least sort of get the idea how she looks with her "pretty teeth" as she calls them.

I did laugh though. She fell asleep in the car after we stopped at the store right after her dentist. It was close enough to when Jimmy was getting out that I went to the school to pick him up. She woke up on the way home (kids talked me into going and getting donuts....mostly were able to because I was hungry) and saw Jimmy in the car and said, "I have new teeth, Bub." Up until the time she fell asleep, she had been telling me she wanted her new teeth out. Guess the cement stuff has left a funny taste in her mouth and the new teeth feel funny to her. Thought it was cute that the first thing she said to him was about her new teeth.

Friday, February 1, 2008

February birthdays

Happy birthday this month to Dad, Stephanie and Seth! I was going to post pictures of each of you since there really aren't many this month, but decided that Steph wouldn't appreciate that the picture I was going to post was one from Dixie after Brian smeared cheesecake in her face and Seth's I would have used one from when he was a baby, which probably would have been fine, but still. So I guess you could say my birthday present to you this year is that I didn't post those pictures.
Hope you have a good one!