Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences

Well, I just got back from going over to SEP's for Jimmy and Emma. I scheduled them a little further apart than I did last time because last time I was a little late getting to the second one. This time I would have been right on time, so I got to sit around and wait. Which is fun with 4 kids. At least Emma's teacher gave them each a treat. Kept them entertained for a few minutes, at least.
Anyway, Emma is doing much better at actually doing her work. Her teacher gave her a little doll for a prize today because she got enough green stars and stickers to earn the prize for doing her work. She did say that some days Emma just doesn't seem to want to do the work and it won't matter how much she tries to get her to do it, she just won't. Said if she tells her too many times, she almost shuts down, so she tries not to tell her too much. But for the most part, she's doing better. We made the goal to try to do the reader books faster (part of that is my fault...she will tell me she doesn't want to read them at the moment and I will forget to get her to read them later).
Jimmy is doing pretty well. He currently reads on a 5th grade level (he had told me 6th, guess he looked at the paper wrong). She said he struggles with some parts of reading, but thinks he knows it, but is afraid of giving the wrong answer so he won't answer. She showed me his test results for the IOWA testing that they do at the end of the 2nd grade and for the most part, he is on the above average scale. A couple of things were slightly below the 50%, but some were above the 75%. He also sometimes doesn't finish his work, but he's always done that. Takes his time to make sure things are right so just doesn't finish. He had to stay in from recess last year a few times to finish work, so this isn't a big surprise to me. But he really is doing well.
Both Emma and Jimmy received coupons from their teachers for doing well at school. Emma's was for perfect attendance the first half of the school year. Both were coupons for free kids' meals at restaurants. Emma's for Fagoli's (or however that's spelled) and Jimmy's for Mimi's. Guess I'll just have to try to take them to those restaurants sometime.

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