Friday, February 8, 2008

Nascub Racing

Tuesday night for pack meeting we had "Nascub Racing" with box cars. Yes, cardboard boxes made to look somewhat like cars and then the boys would be in the box and race around a "track." some went to really a lot of work to do their cars. Russ brought home a box from work on Tuesday and he and Jimmy worked quickly to get it ready. Jimmy previously had a box, but let's just say kids will be kids....
Anyway, I thought I would post a couple of pictures that were taken that night. I didn't take the pictures as I was the only one who had a stopwatch and so they needed me, but Jimmy's den leader was kind enough to take a couple of pictures using my camera.
This one was of Jimmy at the starting line just about to race. He got the prize for the biggest car.
This was after his race. The straps Russ made from duct tape didn't hold for all three laps. Broke on his last time around, so he pretty much stopped at that point.

I had no idea that she took this picture, but thought I'd throw it in there. I was recording times. Not really sure why they had me do that since we didn't do anything with it. Ah, well.

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