Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One reason why warmer weather is looking nicer and nicer....

Kind of continuing the Valentine's post, about 10 after 3 Russ sent me a text saying that he was home because he was feeling icky. He had been feeling sick Wednesday night and considered staying home Thursday, but went anyway. His boss finally sent him home. He tells others that his boss said, "Russ, go home," and he said, "Okay." What he really said was, "But we're kind of busy right now and could use the help..." His boss repeated his previous statement. Russ then said, "Okay." He did tell him that if he felt the same way, he wouldn't be in the next morning. He did end up staying home. As did Jimmy. Jimmy had also stayed home on Wednesday. I told Russ that on Wednesday Jimmy was better by 10, so he could probably still go on Friday and be fine. By 10 on Friday, Jimmy seemed fine.

Saturday they were both still sick (Jimmy was obviosly not faking this time), so I decided that it would be helpful to take the girls to a movie so they could rest easier. Took the girls to see the Veggie Tales movie, "The Pirates Who Don't do Anything." They have been on a big Veggie Tales kick, so I knew they would like to see that one. Even though I really wanted to go see Enchanted as both movies are at the dollar theater. Jimmy was a little upset that I went to the movie without him. Not that he wanted to see that movie, he really didnt. He wanted popcorn. I was kind of surprised that even Alyssa did really well with watching the movie. She was a little impatient for it to start. Of course, when there were only about 10 minutes left of the movie, Emma decided she really needed to go to the bathroom. I can tell you the very ending of the movie, but not how they got out of the main plot situation. Ah, well.

After the movie, I drove over to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream for the girls. I had planned on just getting it and going home and having them eat on the way home, but ended up staying there to let them eat. I also bought some ice cream for Russ and Jimmy. Because I'm nice like that. At least sometimes.

Anyway, Sunday morning came and Russ and Jimmy were still sick. Only now Emma was sick. Lys started coughing, but acted fine. Russ was supposed to give the closing prayer in Sacrament and the ward choir (which I'm in) was to sing, so I went to church, even though I was starting to feel like I was getting it, too. Molly was fine, but we kept her home, too. Mostly because she was saying she didn't want to go to her class, she wanted to go with me. We told her it was her class or home. So she stayed home. Which actually made church really easy for me. Except for the whole having to give the prayer for Russ and feeling like I was getting sick thing. Got home and got under a blanket and didn't want to get out again. By that time my body was aching and my nose was really running. Russ was starting to tell me that dying would be easier than feeling as bad as he did. So he called Steve and had Steve and Dave come (thanks again) and give him a blessing and assist him in giving everyone else one. Except for Molly, that is.

Russ went to work on Monday and was okay for the most part. Said his head had the real foggy feeling in the morning, which caused him to feel every bump in the road on his way there. He said he sounded worse than he felt. Jimmy said he felt okay except for his cough. Emma started to act better, too. At times would act like she didn't feel well, but mostly acted a lot better than on Sunday. I felt better than I did on Sunday, too. Not great, but better. Just thought it was nice that the kids didn't have school because of President's Day.

Then bedtime came. Jimmy no longer felt okay except for his cough. Emma, who usually sits and jibbers in bed for a while, went right to sleep and complained of feeling cold. Made me glad that I had previously decided to err on the safe side and cancel scouts. (That reminds me. I really should call the other leader and let her know I cancelled scouts. Anyone know how to say, "I cancelled scouts because I'm sick" in Portugese?) Yes, today Jimmy and Emma stayed home from school. Jimmy was coughing enough that I decided to take him to the doctor just to make sure he didn't have something besides this nasty virus. Turns out, he just has the virus. They said to call if it gets worse or anything of the like. Which, if you go and read Stacey's blog (if you haven't already), you will see why you should call if they get worse. I think she wins this one. I feel a little better than I did yesterday, but this is one that comes and goes. I will still have times where I just want to go lay down and sleep. And sleeping isn't the easiest thing to do with 4 kids. Especially when the 3 youngest see you laying down and think that's a good time to come and play. At least we went to bed a little early last night. Well, the kids didn't get to bed any early. I sure did though. I'm thinking it sounds good for tonight, too.

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