Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Teeth for Lyssa

I took Lyssa back to the dentist today to get her new teeth. It was a really fast appointment (she wasn't happy with it at all, so it was a good thing it was fast). Anyway, here's the best picture I could get of her with the 4 missing teeth. You can almost see why Russ calls her a vampire without those teeth.
She wasn't cooperating very well for getting a good picture of her with her new teeth. Well, she did pose briefly really good, but I wasn't fast enough in snapping the picture. She moved before I was finished. She had been eating a donut, too, so her face is a little dirty in the picture. Ah, well. You can at least sort of get the idea how she looks with her "pretty teeth" as she calls them.

I did laugh though. She fell asleep in the car after we stopped at the store right after her dentist. It was close enough to when Jimmy was getting out that I went to the school to pick him up. She woke up on the way home (kids talked me into going and getting donuts....mostly were able to because I was hungry) and saw Jimmy in the car and said, "I have new teeth, Bub." Up until the time she fell asleep, she had been telling me she wanted her new teeth out. Guess the cement stuff has left a funny taste in her mouth and the new teeth feel funny to her. Thought it was cute that the first thing she said to him was about her new teeth.

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