Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thankgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great day (at least better than mine is seeming to go....poor Lys is sick and hurling...just like she was 2 years ago. Really hoping that this year isn't a repeat of then. Had someone sick from Thanksgiving until the middle of January)! Try not to eat too much. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Emma's party

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Emma. She invited a few friends from school and we went to McDonald's for her party. Birthday parties at McDonald's are the easiest birthday parties to throw for kids. So I'm a big fan of them. One girl at the party exclaimed that it was the funnest party she's been to. She told me that she kept asking her dad if it was time to go to the party yet, she was so excited. I laughed because I heard that question several times earlier in the day, starting almost from when Emma and Molly got back home after Emma's birthday sleepover with her grandma and grandpa. Russ got to the party after I had ordered the food and was filling up the drinks at the drink machine. Emma had been concerned that he wouldn't make it to her party so she was glad when he got there.Took a quick picture while the kids were all sitting relatively still because they had their food. I tried to get everyone in the picture, but one friend got kind of cut off on the right side.
I laughed at this one because he was leaning back into the window trying to get out of the picture.
I almost think I should send this picture to the cakewrecks blog. Just makes me laugh that they did the writing upside down. And then added a period, which looks somewhat out of place. Emma didn't care though. She loved the cake. It was a white cake with raspberry filling from Dick's Market. Wasn't sure she would like the filling but she loved it. I think she wishes the cake were bigger so she could have more to eat. (Not that she would get more if it were bigger...I tend to sneak pieces and eat the whole thing all by myself.) This was where Dylan was during the party. He's a good baby. He was awake the whole time and just sat in his carseat and looked around happily. And yes, I put him in his red shirt on purpose because of the Utes playing BYU yesterday. Not that anyone really noticed. But I'm very happy that the Utes won!

I left the party a little early because I had plans to go for a kind of girl's day out and see the movie Twilight. I liked the movie. Thought it was a little cheesy, but I still liked it.

Happy Birthday Emma!

Today is Emma's birthday. Not saying she's excited that it's her birthday or anything, but the first thing she said to me this morning was, "I'm the birthday girl!" I thought I would post a couple of pictures of her from when she was a baby and one I took today. Kind of hard to picture her as a tiny baby now. But she sure was a cute one!

Emma was 6 months old in this picture.

Picture of Emma today. Yes, she wore the crown and necklace to church. Ah, well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences (aka SEP)

I had parent teacher conferences for Jimmy and Emma today. They went pretty well. Except for being 15 minutes late to Emma's because of chatting too long with Jimmy's teacher. But that's okay. There wasn't anyone right after Emma, so it wasn't a problem. I just hate being late like that.

Anyway, if it weren't for chatting about Dylan and the other kids, Jimmy's would have taken all of about 5 minutes. The conversation would have pretty much been, "He's doing well and he's a good student." "Okay, thanks." But no. Sometimes I get chatty. Today happened to be one of those times. I know. Hard to picture me chatty with people I barely know. I almost ended that sentence at "chatty" but then thought that wouldn't necessarily be true. I can be quite chatty with people I know well. Anyway, Jimmy is doing well and doesn't really have much to improve. Could improve a little in math, but he's doing okay in that. He has a report due next week on a history subject of his choice. He's picked the Civil War, but should probably narrow it down a bit. Or just give the general history of it. Like who was president at the time, etc. I keep wondering if it's cheating if I just tell him all of the information rather than letting him look it up. :)

Then it was time for Emma's. I almost dread going for Emma because I know how the conversation is going to go for her. "She has a hard time finishing work. Doesn't stay on task. Very quiet." I was a little surprised though. It didn't go exactly as I pictured. Mostly talked about how she is improving at finishing her work and staying on task. Still is very quiet. The goals her teacher made to work on is summed up as trying to get her to talk in class. I couldn't help but laugh at that one. How many times do you sit with a teacher and try to come up with ways to get a student to talk more? Usually they want to get them to not talk as much. Her teacher did say that today she had some pictures up on the board and Emma finally raised her hand and gave the correct answer because no one else did. She was the only one who knew the right answer. She is very smart, just doesn't talk to show it. Her teacher said that at the very start of the year she was worried about Emma. Wasn't sure she knew the things they were supposed to. But as she's gotten to know her, she's not worried at all. Knows she's very smart and knows the answer. Just chooses not to answer. I told her teacher that Jimmy would often answer for Emma because she's so quiet and I would tell him not to (speaking from experience of being the one who wanted everyone else to answer for her). She laughed and said that her whole class knows that Emma is quiet and so tries to answer for her. She tells them to let Emma answer the question, and when she does, it's always right.

The reading specialist sent home a note wanting me to stop by and talk about Emma. Essentially the same discussion. In both cases, Emma talked more than they had ever really heard her before.

That was pretty much the extent of parent teacher conferences. At least this time Molly and Lys didn't run around the rooms. They managed to entertain themselves rather nicely.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flu shots

I took Jimmy, Emma and Molly to get their flu shots today. I didn't tell them about it until they were getting in the car after school. I had to chuckle at them. Molly didn't seem bothered at all. Emma kept asking me what shots feel like and kept saying it felt like she was getting one then. Jimmy kept going on about poison being shot into his body and generally complaining about it. I asked him if he would rather get a shot or get the flu and give it to Dylan and make Dylan go back to the hospital. He said he'd get the shot.

At the doctor's office, they had Jimmy get his shot first because they figured he would be the best and could show his sisters that it wouldn't be too bad. The nurse giving the shot had to keep telling him not to move. He was a bit nervous. Emma went next. She held still without any problems, but screamed loudly in my ear. Molly didn't even flinch. Made no noise. Didn't even come close to tears like Lys had when she got hers earlier. The nurse said she should have had Molly go first. They were very happy to get their suckers afterward though. Maybe I'll have to take them out for ice cream or something later.

Monday, November 10, 2008

100 Days Old

Yesterday Dylan was 100 days old. (I would have posted this yesterday but kept trying to get a good smiling picture of Dylan and for the most part he wasn't cooperating so I gave up and then forgot to actually post.) There's a Japanese tradition where they take a baby's picture when the baby is 100 days old because they say that is when the baby is the most beautiful (someone can correct me if I'm wrong on it being a Japanese tradition...). I have tried to make sure I take pictures of each of my children when they are 100 days old because of that custom (even though I'm not even remotely Japanese). Anyway, here are a few of the pictures I took. I took a lot in trying to get a good one. He would smile and smile and smile and I would pull out the camera and he would stop smiling. I'd put the camera away and he'd smile again. Ah, well.
This first one was my last attempt. I'm posting it just because I think his expression is silly.
I decided to post this one to show his typical expression for the bulk of the pictures.
This one was Russ' favorite, so I thought I'd throw it in as well.
These last two are really the only two I got of him smiling. My angle was a little funny on the last one, but that's okay.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Report cards

Jimmy and Emma brought home their report cards today. For the most part they were really good. Emma got almost all 4's (equivalent of an A). Jimmy's was generally good but seems to take after his mom in math. He got a 1 in math under the subject of working cooperatively. Apparently he will kind of fight with his friend when they work together on assignments. I think it's a little funny, actually.

Emma was the Star Student of the Week for her class this week. We had to make a poster to be displayed during the week and today I went at the end to tell about her. Ended up telling more about Dylan and Xena. I told them that even though she doesn't say much during school, she does talk a lot at home. Her teacher asked the kids, "Can you believe that? Emma talks a lot at home!" A couple of the boys in her class said they believe it. One boy told me that he has a friend whose mom had a baby born with the heart outside of the body. He also went on and on telling me about another boy's dog. Kids are funny. Several wanted to tell me stories about their dogs or friend's dogs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and such

I had a busy morning this morning. After getting Jimmy and Emma off to school and Molly to preschool, I took Dylan to the doctor to get his first synagis shot (for those who may not know, synagis is a medication given for those who qualify to help prevent RSV). He started to cry before they gave him the shot. He acted like he knew what they were going to do and he wasn't happy about it at all. I also got Lys the flu shot since she was with me. Forgot to make an appointment to get the others their flu shots. Really should do that.

After the doctor, I decided to vote before stopping at home. I was happy to see that it wasn't really crowded so I could get in and out really quickly. Or so I thought. I gave my name as you are supposed to. That's where the trouble began. In their voter log book, it said that I had voted early. I think I would remember voting early. I know I thought about voting early, just never got around do actually doing it. Besides, the location where I vote on election day is a whole lot closer than where I would have had to go to vote early. So I had to go talk to the election official and say, "Um, it says I voted early and I didn't." So instead of having fun using one of the electronic voting machines, I had to use a provincial ballot and hope they decide that I wasn't lying when I said I didn't vote early and actually count my vote. Granted, I got to feel like I was coloring as I filled in the bubbles on the ballot. Wonder why they had me listed as one of the early voters though....voter fraud, maybe? Ah, well. I think after all that I deserve to drive over to Krispy Kreme for the free voter's donut, don't you?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tagged x2 (or 3 if you count getting tagged twice for the same thing)

Okay, I've been tagged by both De and Stacey. I'll admit, I totally spaced that I was tagged the first time. But here goes:

8 Things About Me

8 Things I am looking forward to:

*The day the cardiologist tells us we don't have to take Dylan back for another year.
* Getting new carpet
* Taking the kids to go see a movie at the dollar theater
* The day after Christmas
* Christmas Eve
* Weekly lunch day
* Watching the Twilight movie just to see Will as an extra. :)
* The night I get to sleep all night. (If it's not the baby, it's the dog...)

8 Things on my wish list:

* My car will keep working and not need to be fixed for a long time.
* That I didn't just curse myself with the first one.
* When we get bills paid off that they won't be replaced by others.
* Getting the basement and toys cleaned and organized.
* Russ will mow the lawn. :)
* I knew what to get anyone for Christmas.
* Digging a big hole to put the trampoline in so it's an in-ground tramp.
* Any room in my house would stay clean for longer than 5 minutes.

8 shows I like to watch:

*Burn Notice
*Eli Stone
*Doctor Who (sad that they've stopped making it)

8 things that happened yesterday:

* I went to church with the 4 kids while Russ stayed home with Dylan.
* Russ started the roast for me by following my instructions and didn't add extra stuff to it.
* It rained.
* Jimmy bore his testimony during Sacrament Meeting
* Russ and I pretended to be horses while the girls sat on our backs (killed my knees doing it).
* I remembered to tell Russ about the changes in Young Men and the Elder's Quorum in our ward.
* I learned that I'm not the only one who is horrible with names but had no problem with names on a mission.
* Was a couple of minutes late to church even with the extra hour because of Daylight Savings.

8 people I'm tagging (goes for the following tag, too!):

*For the other three, anyone else who may want to participate. :)

Now for the next Tag I need to do:

Rules: Link to the person who tagged you (Stacey, mentioned above), list 6 quirks of yours, tag 6 others and let them know.

#1- (yes, Stacey, I know you said this but it's one I do, too) I am a bit anal about how the dishwasher is loaded, so tend to be the only one who loads it. Guess Russ gets tired of having me go back and rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher. :)

#2- Same kind of goes for laundry. I'm particular about how I fold things so have to stop myself from refolding things when someone helps me and folds it in a different way. Trying to be better at both of those though.

#3- I tend to try to get other people's opinions on things for me. Like asking them which ring tone I should get for my phone or to name some of my quirks. :)

#4- (Wow, I have to come up with three more? Sheesh.) Back to dishes...if I have bowls that are the same but different colors, I like to pattern them when I put them away. So one of one color, then one of the other, etc. Yes, I'm weird.

#5- I don't like people to watch me as I'm decorating a cake or sketching something. They can look all they want when I'm done, but it bugs me to be watched as I'm doing it.

#6- (I know this is kind of a lame one, but hey, I'll be done with it!) I bat left-handed, but I throw right-handed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November birthdays

Happy birthay this month to Mike, Susan and Emma! Oh, and Xena too!

Halloween pictures, mostly

I had to laugh while taking the kids trick or treating last night. There is a house on my street that Emma and Molly have LOVED all month. Kept going down to it because it was totally decorated. They saw it last night and were absolutely terrified. Tears and everything. Refused to go close to it. They didn't last long trick or treating. Just didn't want to go by houses they thought would scare them. Lys and Jimmy wanted to keep going, but it started to rain a little. So they didn't get as much candy as they usually get, which isn't a bad thing. This way I don't eat so much. :)

This first picture is of the kids with the pumpkins that were carved. Too bad you can't really see all of the pumpkins. Dylan's costume was obviously a pumpkin, as you can see in this and the next picture.

Emma was a witch. She was very excited to go as a witch. And since they call it "Storybook Day" at the school, she said she could just tell them she was the witch from the Wizard of Oz. I was actually kind of surprised she came up with that one all on her own. Don't know why though.
Molly was Sleeping Beauty.
Lys was a fairy.
Jimmy was the Grim Reaper. He didn't really like the mask because it would make him sweaty.
Really the only picture of any of the pumpkins lit up. I played around in carving this one. Later I thought of things I should have done to make it better, but that's okay. Had fun with it anyway.