Friday, November 7, 2008

Report cards

Jimmy and Emma brought home their report cards today. For the most part they were really good. Emma got almost all 4's (equivalent of an A). Jimmy's was generally good but seems to take after his mom in math. He got a 1 in math under the subject of working cooperatively. Apparently he will kind of fight with his friend when they work together on assignments. I think it's a little funny, actually.

Emma was the Star Student of the Week for her class this week. We had to make a poster to be displayed during the week and today I went at the end to tell about her. Ended up telling more about Dylan and Xena. I told them that even though she doesn't say much during school, she does talk a lot at home. Her teacher asked the kids, "Can you believe that? Emma talks a lot at home!" A couple of the boys in her class said they believe it. One boy told me that he has a friend whose mom had a baby born with the heart outside of the body. He also went on and on telling me about another boy's dog. Kids are funny. Several wanted to tell me stories about their dogs or friend's dogs.

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