Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences (aka SEP)

I had parent teacher conferences for Jimmy and Emma today. They went pretty well. Except for being 15 minutes late to Emma's because of chatting too long with Jimmy's teacher. But that's okay. There wasn't anyone right after Emma, so it wasn't a problem. I just hate being late like that.

Anyway, if it weren't for chatting about Dylan and the other kids, Jimmy's would have taken all of about 5 minutes. The conversation would have pretty much been, "He's doing well and he's a good student." "Okay, thanks." But no. Sometimes I get chatty. Today happened to be one of those times. I know. Hard to picture me chatty with people I barely know. I almost ended that sentence at "chatty" but then thought that wouldn't necessarily be true. I can be quite chatty with people I know well. Anyway, Jimmy is doing well and doesn't really have much to improve. Could improve a little in math, but he's doing okay in that. He has a report due next week on a history subject of his choice. He's picked the Civil War, but should probably narrow it down a bit. Or just give the general history of it. Like who was president at the time, etc. I keep wondering if it's cheating if I just tell him all of the information rather than letting him look it up. :)

Then it was time for Emma's. I almost dread going for Emma because I know how the conversation is going to go for her. "She has a hard time finishing work. Doesn't stay on task. Very quiet." I was a little surprised though. It didn't go exactly as I pictured. Mostly talked about how she is improving at finishing her work and staying on task. Still is very quiet. The goals her teacher made to work on is summed up as trying to get her to talk in class. I couldn't help but laugh at that one. How many times do you sit with a teacher and try to come up with ways to get a student to talk more? Usually they want to get them to not talk as much. Her teacher did say that today she had some pictures up on the board and Emma finally raised her hand and gave the correct answer because no one else did. She was the only one who knew the right answer. She is very smart, just doesn't talk to show it. Her teacher said that at the very start of the year she was worried about Emma. Wasn't sure she knew the things they were supposed to. But as she's gotten to know her, she's not worried at all. Knows she's very smart and knows the answer. Just chooses not to answer. I told her teacher that Jimmy would often answer for Emma because she's so quiet and I would tell him not to (speaking from experience of being the one who wanted everyone else to answer for her). She laughed and said that her whole class knows that Emma is quiet and so tries to answer for her. She tells them to let Emma answer the question, and when she does, it's always right.

The reading specialist sent home a note wanting me to stop by and talk about Emma. Essentially the same discussion. In both cases, Emma talked more than they had ever really heard her before.

That was pretty much the extent of parent teacher conferences. At least this time Molly and Lys didn't run around the rooms. They managed to entertain themselves rather nicely.

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