Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flu shots

I took Jimmy, Emma and Molly to get their flu shots today. I didn't tell them about it until they were getting in the car after school. I had to chuckle at them. Molly didn't seem bothered at all. Emma kept asking me what shots feel like and kept saying it felt like she was getting one then. Jimmy kept going on about poison being shot into his body and generally complaining about it. I asked him if he would rather get a shot or get the flu and give it to Dylan and make Dylan go back to the hospital. He said he'd get the shot.

At the doctor's office, they had Jimmy get his shot first because they figured he would be the best and could show his sisters that it wouldn't be too bad. The nurse giving the shot had to keep telling him not to move. He was a bit nervous. Emma went next. She held still without any problems, but screamed loudly in my ear. Molly didn't even flinch. Made no noise. Didn't even come close to tears like Lys had when she got hers earlier. The nurse said she should have had Molly go first. They were very happy to get their suckers afterward though. Maybe I'll have to take them out for ice cream or something later.

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