Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still Here...

I realize it has been a while since I have posted anything. The reason for that being that there just isn't a whole lot to post about when everyone has been sick. Started out about the time I posted last with a stomach bug. Shortly after that one had finally cleared out, we had a double whammy of strep and the flu. Jimmy and Lyssa seemed to be the worst with it. Luckily Dylan never got bad. At least not yet. He has had a slight fever the past two days and has been a bit cranky. I'm hoping he's starting to get over whatever it is he has and that it's not something new and exciting to spread around the family again. Especially since everyone else is finally better.

Last week when I was starting to not feel well, the kids took advantage of that and snuck and got the camera that I keep up where they won't constantly try to play with it. After playing with it for a bit, Molly decided to throw it. Yep, it's broken now. Won't even turn on with the battery fully charged. Which means that this year I won't be able to take pictures of the kids in their costumes or their pumpkins after carving or things like that. I'm not really happy about it. I made little zombies for my sister for a cake that I would have posted pictures of had my camera been working. I did take pictures with my camera phone but since changing internet providers, we haven't been able to get the wireless modem working for the laptop to upload the phone pictures. Ah, well.

Before the camera got broken, I did take this video. Russ would get out his longboards and skateboard and Dylan would climb right on them and stand up and grin. He watched one of his sisters push the skateboard down the hall and copied them. This is a video of that. At one point Molly gets in the way, but she didn't realize I was taking a video. Updated: I was playing with my broken camera and managed to fix it! Yay me!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Things You Learn

I just found out that this week is National "Carry a Tune" week. I find that funny. Guess I have all the more reason to sing the little songs that are constantly stuck in my head and annoy the people around me. Of course this means that I won't have a single song stuck in my head all week. But at least I have an excuse to share a fortune cookie fortune I read once. "Sing badly if you must, but sing!"

My Kids And Scissors...

I really don't know what it is with my kids and scissors. Jimmy used to cut Emma's hair all the time and cut Molly's once. Ranting and raving each time apparently didn't help until the last time. Then Emma had fun with scissors and cut hers, Molly's and Lyssa's hair. Finally has grown out. A little while ago I noticed that Molly cut off a piece of hair that was shorter by her face that had a cute curl to it. Guess it bugged her.

Then came Friday night. Lys came in for family prayer at bedtime holding a small pair of scissors in her hand. Attached to the scissors was a piece of hair. Which belonged to her. Essentially, she gave herself bangs. Badly. So I took her Saturday afternoon to see if it could possibly be fixed. There were parts that I knew ahead of time couldn't. This picture is the result of her haircut. She was very excited about it too. Grinned like this the entire time she sat in the barber's chair. Except for when I pulled my cellphone out to take her picture getting the cut. Unfortunately, I think she enjoyed getting her hair cut too much to learn not to cut her own hair again.
Russ keeps telling her she looks like a boy now. She ignores him.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Birthdays

I know I'm a little late, but that's okay. Haven't missed any one's birthday yet.

Anyway, happy birthday this month to Dom, Maddy, Livi, Bryce, Jenni and Kathryn! Hope you all have great birthdays!

And somewhat unrelated, apparently it's breast cancer awareness month. Which means a little more to me having had my sister recently have a masectomy due to breast cancer.