Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recent Outings

We've gone out as a family recently a couple of times.  We don't go out a lot.  Probably largely due to inertia and pure laziness on my part.  Just easier to stay home most of the time.  That's not saying we don't have fun when we stay home.  We do. 

Anyway, last night we decided to take the kids on the train and head down to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square.  I think the part the kids liked the most was the train ride.  They probably would have enjoyed looking at the lights more if we had eaten before looking at the lights.  We planned on finding a place to eat while we were out and decided to look at the lights first.  Certain children of mine get somewhat grumpy when they haven't eaten.  Funny how happy a little food can make him. 

It was nice going last night because it wasn't as cold as usual.  Which could be one reason it seemed a little more crowded than usual.  The train was full both going down and coming home. 

Saturday night we took the kids to Yogo Togo, a self-serve frozen yogurt place.  They had fun choosing which flavor they wanted and the toppings.  Almost seemed to have the most fun moving from chair to chair in the lounge-style seating area.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from both nights.

Emma in front of the Christus.
Molly in front of the Christus.  The others wouldn't turn around for a picture.
Dylan and Lys on the train.
Emma and Molly (and Lys in the background) at Yogo Togo.
Dylan.  His eyes are closed because that's how he poses for pictures lately.  Says "Cheese!" and closes his eyes.
Russ and Jimmy.  I don't think either were thrilled that I was taking their picture.
In case you are wondering, this is how Rachel was both nights.