Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day of School/Report Cards

It is really strange to think that school has now ended for Jimmy and Emma for the year. Really seems like they should have a while to go still. Jimmy said he was kind of sad because he knows he won't be seeing some of his friends until school starts up again in the fall, but happy that he won't have to go to school for a bit.

The school is posting class lists later this afternoon, but they also sent home a little sticker on the report cards or whatnot for the kids telling them whose class they will be in at the start of the next school year. Which is kind of nice because that means I won't have to go back over to the school and let the kids look to see who they have. Emma will have Mr. "E," the same teacher Jimmy had for 1st grade. So for now at least, Emma is following Jimmy. Wonder if she will have the same 2nd grade teacher that he had. Jimmy has a Mrs. Brady or something close to that. Can't remember off the top of my head for sure. I just know that he's happy because he didn't get the teacher he has been saying he doesn't want.

Jimmy and Emma both wore their school shirts and wanted kids to sign them. Unfortunately, Emma didn't have a marker so she didn't get hers signed. Jimmy came home with his shirt covered with people's names. And a "Kick Me" that got crossed off on the back.

Jimmy's report card was much better this quarter than last. His grades in math were still down from his normal, but were better than they had been. He got almost all 4's, except in math. At least this time he didn't have any zeros. I still think some of his lower scores last quarter was from missing so many days of school.

Emma's report card was about the same as it was last quarter. She got mostly 4's with a couple of 3's thrown in here and there. She also had a form that showed where she was before Kindergarten and where she is now. She had a few things at the start of Kindergarten to work on that at the end showed that she answered all questions for the test correctly.

Now if only I can think of ways to keep them from being so bored during the summer that they drive me absolutely nuts....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Latest appointment/ultrasound

The appointment today went relatively well, I would say. Russ says he's not sure he knows more now than before the appointment, but I figure we do know more and actually have a name for it.

First and ultrasound tech spent some time and did a thorough ultrasound and said that from what she could see, it was the same problem as was in the report from my doctor. Which made me chuckle since I could not remember everything that was described to me. Russ basically asked her to tell us what that said and so she did. She gave us a dvd copy of the ultrasound.

Then a doctor came in and did some more with the ultrasound machine and explained a few things. Gave me the number to Cardiology at Primary's and said to call them and schedule a fetal echocardiogram. Which I have called but left a message. The message thing said they should call back within two hours.

Anyway, the doctor said that the baby has tetralogy, which essentially means there are 4 problems. One being vsd, which is a hole between the left and right ventricle, which sometimes corrects itself and often needs no correcting at all. The info I read on Wikipedia says that with treatment, a person with tetralogy often leads a normal life with generally good cardiac function. So there you have it. I'm sure we will know more as we go along, but that's about what I know for now.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Doctor visit/Ultrasound #2

Yesterday I had my monthly doctor appointment, which wasn't a usual appointment. Instead of the usual appointment, I had a second ultrasound because with the first one, the ultrasound tech wasn't happy with his views of the heart. Wanted me to come back and have another one so he could get a better look. So for this one, I got the ultrasound and had the glucose test and got the rhogam shot. Going into it, I knew it wouldn't really be a fun appointment. Didn't realize that it wouldn't be a fun appointment at all, however.

Unfortunately, the ultrasound showed that the baby has something wrong with his heart. The ultrasound tech told me where exactly he saw the problem, but for the life of me, I can't remember what he said. And my doctor asked me if he had talked to me about it and I said yes, so he didn't repeat it and I didn't ask him to remind me. My doctor had me call the perinatology department at the hospital and schedule a consultation ultrasound so that we can actually determine the exact problem. That appointment will be on Wednesday. So really I don't know much at this point. Just that there is a problem. I'm really hoping it's a minor problem. Russ is actually upset with himself for not being to the appointment with me.

After the ultrasound I really would get a sad feeling and think of the heart problem every time I would feel the baby move. But now I really am okay. The stress I was feeling about it yesterday has dropped a lot. I attribute that to a blessing Russ gave me last night after we got the kids to bed. It was a beautiful blessing that gave me a lot of comfort. To tell the truth, both Russ and I cried during the blessing. Made me wish I had a tape recorder and had recorded it, but that's okay. I won't say here what the blessing said (it was a 40-minute long blessing), but will mention that it said that Dylan is aware of the challenges he will have in this life and is willing and eagerly accepted them and that he is strong enough to overcome his challenges.

Russ and I would appreciate it if you kept us in your prayers at this time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week 29 Link

Here's the link for this week's Pregnancy Weeks Calendar.

Things Seem to Come in 3's....

A little over a week ago (I believe it was), my niece Lizzie fell rollerblading and broke her arm. She's 7. A few days later, my nephew Alex got hit by a friend with a 2 x 4 and got staples. Jokingly, Mom told me I needed to be careful after that since that was two. Well, the third one happened this morning.

I was in the shower (sorry if that brought images into your mind with that one...not a pretty sight by any means) when I heard a thunk followed shortly by Molly crying. Molly came into the bathroom really upset. I peeked out of the shower to see half of her face covered with blood and noticed a nice little cut above her eyebrow. My first thought was, "Great. Stitches." I had Molly sit on the toilet seat with some toilet paper while I quickly got dressed and called the doctor. At this time I was also thinking how I wished I had eaten breakfast before getting in the shower. Good thing I had Eggo Waffles and could just throw one in and eat on the way.

I realized later that this was the third thing in more than one way. It was about 2 1/2 years ago that Molly and Emma both got stitches. Molly for the second time in three weeks. So this is Molly's third bout with stitches. Poor kid. Molly also got three stitches. Guess for her, things really do come in 3's....

Other than waiting a bit for the numbing cream to take effect and things of the like, it was pretty uneventful taking Molly in for her stitches. She had been unhappy until I put a SpongeBob bandaid on her cut before going and bringing along a second one to put over her cut after getting stitches. She cheered up rather quickly after that. Mom was nice and came and entertained Lys for me until she needed to go and pick up Emma from school for me. Which Emma seemed kind of excited about. Oh, except for when Russ called me back. I had called him before I left to take Molly but got his voicemail so left him a message. He called me back without listening to the message. He asked me what was going on. I said, "Oh, not much. Just waiting for the numbing stuff to work before they put in the stitches." I think that panicked him a little bit. Said he knew he should have listened to the message first.

We took the kids over later and let Molly get a cake from Dick's Market as a treat for having to get stitches. She said she wanted a pink cake and Lys said she wanted her to get a yellow cake. This one has pink, yellow, and purple, so it works.

Anyway, here are a few pictures. Didn't take a picture before getting the stitches. Molly wouldn't let me and I decided after would be just fine. May take another one later, depending on how much of a black eye she ends up with.

Monday, May 19, 2008

What's in a Name?

Seems like with this baby and with Jimmy, we had no problems coming up with a name. Pretty much had a name picked out before we were even pregnant. Of course, I never would tell Russ that I didn't mind the name he suggested this time around because with Lys, all we could come up with was a boy's name (which isn't the same name we are thinking this time) and didn't come up with a name for her until shortly before she was born. I really didn't want a repeat of that so told Russ I wasn't even going to think of names until after the ultrasound. So after the ultrasound showed that we are having a boy, I told him that I don't mind the name he had mentioned. I guess my telling him I wasn't even going to think of names gave him the impression I hated the name and so he was surprised.

Anyway, the name we have pretty much decided on (and doing it just like we did with Jimmy of still thinking of names to see if there is anything we like better) is Dylan Fitzgerald. The name Dylan still doesn't seem quite right to me, but I figure that's because when I was pregnant with Emma (and we knew she was a girl), I dreamt she ended up being a boy and asked what we were going to name him. The baby turned to me and said, "Daniel." Which is a name Russ would never go for naming a child. But ever since then I think of a boy and that's the first name that pops in my head. And since Stacey was nice and named her youngest son Daniel, I figure I'm off the hook of trying to talk Russ into a name he would hate.

I just think Russ is funny trying to come up with ways to make it have double letters. He figures Jimmy, Emma, Molly, and Alyssa all have double letters, so this one should. I tell him that James doesn't though, and James is Jimmy's actual name. He keeps trying to convince me we should spell it Dylann. I keep telling him that would be the way to spell it if you were naming a girl that. I also tell him we could spell it Dillon or Dillan if he wants the double letters, but he wants it spelled with the "y" instead of the "i." So he's out of luck with double letters on that one, I think.

Anyway, feel free to comment on the name or even give suggestions for other names. Probably won't use any suggestions, but don't let that stop you from making them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Emma's Kindergarten Test

Emma had her end of year individual kindergarten test today. She was very excited about it as we were walking over and was kind of skipping and stepped on the edge of some grass and fell down. Skinned her knee nicely. She was upset until I told her that we could maybe see if her teacher had a bandaid to put on it. Which she did.

Her teacher had some toys in a couple of tubs for siblings to play with, so Molly and Lyssa were occupied while Emma took the test. As nice as it was that they were playing nicely, it was almost distracting to hear their comments occasionally. Like when they wandered over to the play area and Lys loudly said, "Mom, I'm taking a shower!" (To which Emma's teacher said, "Well, they are creative.")

Emma did quite well on the test. Of the marks I saw her teacher record for her, they were all A's. The only thing she struggled with was actually writing her numbers. She has a tendency to write them backwards or sideways. Her teacher did ask me if she talks much at home. I said that sometimes the trouble is getting her to stop. She asked because Emma is so quiet at school. Just wanted to make sure she does actually talk occasionally. She did say that one boy in the class sticks up for her and says that she will talk to him. She must just take after me. Gets in groups and tends to let everyone else do all of the talking. Her teacher said that she really is quite intelligent, just sometimes it's hard to know for sure because she is so quiet.

Emma was very happy when her teacher gave her a treat for being able to count to 100. She also gave Emma, Molly, and Lys each a bag of chips for coming. They were all excited about that one. Molly and Lyssa were happy when Emma decided to share her treat with them, too.

Russ had wanted me to call him after and let him know how it went. Emma wanted to tell him. So after he answered, I handed her the phone. She pretty much yelled, "Good!" and handed me back the phone and giggled.

Pregnancy Calendar for the next week

Here's the link for the info for this week on the Pregnancy Calendar. I chuckled when I was reading it because it talks about starting to go to the doctor more often at this point. I don't really expect my doctor to have me come back in 2 weeks after my next appointment. He may say 3 weeks instead of 4 though. Just not sure how much I'm looking forward to my next appointment. I get another ultrasound, which I don't mind and that wouldn't be bad, but I also have the glucose test, which means a blood draw, and being rh negative, I get the rhogam shot. I keep telling Russ he doesn't need to come with me to this appointment (he usually comes along to the ultrasound appointments) if he doesn't want to, but he seems to want to be there for the ultrasound. I assume he will just meet me there if he does come. Wonder if he will stick around for the rest of it or head back to work or if he will take off the rest of the day. Guess I should talk to him about it, huh?

Anyway, here's the link.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Woke up early on Saturday morning to the joys of having a sick and hurling child. Molly is funny when she's sick like that. Gets very mad if you say she's sick. She may be throwing up constantly, but she's not sick. She really didn't act all that sick when she wasn't hurling, but after I had her lay down for a while, she really did feel much better. She would have been sad to be sick on Sunday. Mostly because she had a dress she wanted to wear and I wouldn't let her wear it as an everyday dress.

Sunday came and my stomach hurt me most of the day. Fun way to spend a Mother's Day, let me tell you. I did go to church. My stomach didn't really hurt until I was at church. Was really tempted to go home because just laying down sounded really nice. But I decided to stay because of the primary kids singing a song during Sacrament meeting. Which Jimmy missed doing because he was being ornery and Russ had him out and was talking to him. Of course, Lyssa refused to stay with me and went up with Molly and Emma to sing. Made a lot of people laugh as she squeezed to the front and kept waving and yelling, "Hi Mom!" before the song started. Got home from church and Russ was nice and let me nap. When I woke up, Lys came and climbed up on my bed and promptly fell asleep. That was a big clue to me that she wasn't feeling well. She had it, too. Only she didn't hurl. She had diarrhea.

Later that night, Jimmy started to not feel well. He ended up staying home from school yesterday and again today. I think he feels better today, but there are times when he really doesn't. Just safer to keep him home. Even though I worry that he has missed a lot of school this year. Of course, part of his wanting to stay home today probably has to do with the fact that Emma doesn't have school for the next three days. They are doing the individual end of year testing for Kindergarten starting today, so they don't go.

I keep waiting for Emma to get it, but she seems fine. Starting to wonder if she actually had it last week. One day she did tell me that her stomach hurt, but a few minutes later she acted fine. I don't actually see Russ staying home from work if he ends up with it. He just doesn't like to miss work.

Summer coming is starting to look nicer and nicer every day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pregnancy Weeks Calendar

Every week I like to go to and use the due date calculator to find the pregnancy weeks calendar (mostly because I can't seem to find it without the due date calculator lately) and read what it says about the current week and see the ultrasound picture they have for the week. One reason for doing this is so that I actually remember how far along in the pregnancy I really am. Like I know I'm 6 months along now, but tend to forget how many weeks that translates to. Going back and forth from months to weeks just doesn't seem to be the best thing for me to remember the weeks easily. For those who are wondering, I'm now 27 weeks along.

Hadn't thought before talking about this subject with Katie to include a link or something each week on my blog to the information for the week. Decided that sounded like a good idea, so here's a link that should hopefully take you to the information for week 27 on the pregnancy weeks calendar.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kerli at the one millionth song celebration

Out of curiosity, I decided to see if someone had posted a video on youtube of Kerli performing at the End's one millionth song celebration thing on Friday. I found that someone had posted a video of her singing "Walking on Air" from there. Molly and Lyssa love that song and Molly is still a little sad that we didn't stay so she could see her sing. Anyway, here's a link to the video of it if anyone is interested.

Show and Tell

Yesterday Jimmy came home from school with the "show and tell" bag for his class. Which meant that he was supposed to have his turn for show and tell in class today. He told me that he talked to his teacher yesterday about bringing Xena for show and tell. I guess other kids have taken their pets and he really wanted to take Xe.

My first thought when he was saying this was how I usually don't bother getting Molly and Lyssa dressed until after Jimmy and Emma have gone to school. Thought that it might work if Jimmy did what they did when he took her for show and tell in Kindergarten and just have me outside and the class come out and see her. Thought I could easily leave the girls in the car and just basically stand outside of the car with the dog. But he wanted to take her in his classroom like the other kids had with their pets.

My worries about not being able to get Molly and Lyssa ready in time to go over to the school were cancelled out when all of the kids decided to get up early this morning. But then I remembered that Molly had taken off with Xena's leash. Molly was the last one to get up and Jimmy decided he would rather accuse Emma of losing the leash than going and looking for it himself. When Molly got up Jimmy asked her about it, and amazingly, she knew right where it was. So Jimmy was happy.

When it was time to go, I loaded all of the kids in the car and put the leash on the dog and drove over and parked. Walked first over to Emma's line for her class where Xena was practically mobbed by children excited to see such a big dog. (Of course, the teacher who acts as crossing guard for the kids to cross the parking lot to the sidewalk also asked if he could pet her.) While Xena loves kids and loves attention, she doesn't really like that much attention. Gets really nervous. She seemed quite happy when we left that area to head toward the door Jimmy goes in.

Jimmy went in his classroom first, telling me he needed to tell his teacher I was there before I went in. I chuckled at the kids who peered out the doorways to see the dog before I went in. When Jimmy came back out to tell me to go in, I couldn't help but smile at all of the ooo's from the kids as I walked in with her. I think Xena's tail wagged most of the time, but she was nervous about being there. Jimmy had a good time telling his class a little about her and then helping to answer any questions the kids had about her. He also tried to take her around his class to let everyone get a closer look at her, but when she's nervous like that she likes to stay right by my side. I was surprised that she went a little ways with him before turning around and dragging him back to me. She was very happy when we finally left. And it really was much easier than I pictured it being.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Promised Pictures

As promised, here are the pictures I took of the kids after I got home yesterday. Lyssa's paint is almost completely gone, so it's hard to see that there is anything other than what looks like dirt, but you might have some sort of an idea. While I'm at it, I think I'll throw in a couple of extra pictures. We had John and Tina over tonight for a bbq and their new baby, Ellie, kept smiling at Russ. He laughed and said she must think he's Jesus the reason she was smiling so much at him. It really was funny the way she smiled and smiled at him. I got a couple of pictures of her smiling, so I'll throw in one, too. And a couple from going to the park with the kids, the kids getting ready to watch a movie on our portable dvd player (not sure why they didn't just watch it on the regular tv) and a couple from when Russ took the girls hiking.

Yeah, looking at it here, you really can't tell much that she had anything. Hers was like Emma's above, only blue instead of pink.

Molly had been looking at herself in the mirror and that's the best smile she would give me for her picture.

Russ said he told them to stand on the path so he could take their picture and they all sat down instead.

One Millionth Song Celebration Thing

Yesterday was the day the radio station had their little party thing for their one millionth song played. After reading online about some of the things they planned on having there, I decided that the kids would have fun going so I didn't need to try to find something to do with them and could take them along with me. I am very glad, however, that Mom decided to drive down with Madison and Josie and Madison's friend, Ann. Jimmy seemed to have fun with Josie there and I was very glad to have Mom along. Just made it easier. Especially when I was signing in as one of the 101 closest guessers and Emma really needed to go to the bathroom.

So anyway, after what seemed to be a very long drive to get to the place, I signed in and was given a cd. Had no clue what the cd was for, but would find out a little later. I think we got there at a good time. There were already people there to sign in, but the line was shorter than it was a little later. (I realized on the drive down that I did my usual forgetting to bring my camera. When I got home I discovered that wasn't a bad thing since the battery needed to be recharged so I would have just taken it for the ride.)

The radio station had people bring food and they grilled hot dogs and had sodas. A little later Chick-Fil-A brought sandwiches and then Tucanos brought some yummy food. They gave plates that had a piece of steak, a piece of bacon-wrapped chicken and a piece of grilled pineapple. There were also people there to do face painting and balloon animals for the kids. Molly kept saying she didn't want her face painted. Then she saw Emma's and wanted it, but wanted me to take her. At that point, I had found out what the cd was for and was in the middle of a very long line and didn't want to lose my spot so told her I would take her after. When she was in line for face painting, she danced and would sing a song they had played a little earlier.

The cd was to put in the car that they were giving away to find out what prize those of us who were the closest guessers would get. None of the cd's would say that you won the car, this was just a bonus prize. Anyway, we would put our cd in the car (had a 6 cd changer so they had problems with the very first one until they figured out why it wasn't playing) and we would hear the dj Parker tell us what prize we won. I won a $25 gift card to Best Buy. I was happy with that. Could have just been a hat.

When they first started broadcasting from there, they told everyone that the one millionth song would be played within 10 songs. And man, did they drag it out. Of course, they had the singer Kerli (for those like me who had to hear it to know how it was's pronounced Kerli...she's from Armenia) there and interviewed her. Molly had been excited to see the "little creepy girl" but didn't see her when they were talking to her and was sad that we didn't stick around to hear her perform. Madison and her friend both got a cd single signed by her and Madison told me she gave them hugs.

Anyway, at 4:52 they played their one millionth song. I obviously didn't win. If I had, I would have mentioned it at the start. The lady who won made a very good guess. She guessed that they would play it on May 2 at 4:53. I never really thought I would win anyway.

We would have left as soon as they played the song and announced the winner, but my girls were in line to go down one of the big inflatable slides. Once they went down it, I discovered that Jimmy wasn't with Josie like I had thought he was. Spent the next 10 minutes or so looking for him. I told him he can't just wander off like that and needs to tell us where he is going. He got a bit grumpy being told that. So the green monster he had painted for his face paint fit him nicely at that moment.

All in all, I think the kids had a good time. I was very tired after standing and walking around for nearly 3 hours, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that I wasn't there by myself.

I did take pictures of the kids and their painted faces once I got home, but they had already faded a lot. Especially Lyssa's. I will probably post them later.

Friday, May 2, 2008

May Birthdays

May has kind of snuck up on me and I realized last night that it was time for the monthly birthday post. Would have done it when I thought of it, but just didn't feel like it.

Anyway, happy birthday this month to Lisa, Katie and Michelle! Hope you have (or in Lisa's case since her birthday was actually yesterday, had) a great one!