Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things Seem to Come in 3's....

A little over a week ago (I believe it was), my niece Lizzie fell rollerblading and broke her arm. She's 7. A few days later, my nephew Alex got hit by a friend with a 2 x 4 and got staples. Jokingly, Mom told me I needed to be careful after that since that was two. Well, the third one happened this morning.

I was in the shower (sorry if that brought images into your mind with that one...not a pretty sight by any means) when I heard a thunk followed shortly by Molly crying. Molly came into the bathroom really upset. I peeked out of the shower to see half of her face covered with blood and noticed a nice little cut above her eyebrow. My first thought was, "Great. Stitches." I had Molly sit on the toilet seat with some toilet paper while I quickly got dressed and called the doctor. At this time I was also thinking how I wished I had eaten breakfast before getting in the shower. Good thing I had Eggo Waffles and could just throw one in and eat on the way.

I realized later that this was the third thing in more than one way. It was about 2 1/2 years ago that Molly and Emma both got stitches. Molly for the second time in three weeks. So this is Molly's third bout with stitches. Poor kid. Molly also got three stitches. Guess for her, things really do come in 3's....

Other than waiting a bit for the numbing cream to take effect and things of the like, it was pretty uneventful taking Molly in for her stitches. She had been unhappy until I put a SpongeBob bandaid on her cut before going and bringing along a second one to put over her cut after getting stitches. She cheered up rather quickly after that. Mom was nice and came and entertained Lys for me until she needed to go and pick up Emma from school for me. Which Emma seemed kind of excited about. Oh, except for when Russ called me back. I had called him before I left to take Molly but got his voicemail so left him a message. He called me back without listening to the message. He asked me what was going on. I said, "Oh, not much. Just waiting for the numbing stuff to work before they put in the stitches." I think that panicked him a little bit. Said he knew he should have listened to the message first.

We took the kids over later and let Molly get a cake from Dick's Market as a treat for having to get stitches. She said she wanted a pink cake and Lys said she wanted her to get a yellow cake. This one has pink, yellow, and purple, so it works.

Anyway, here are a few pictures. Didn't take a picture before getting the stitches. Molly wouldn't let me and I decided after would be just fine. May take another one later, depending on how much of a black eye she ends up with.

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Katie said...

Poor Molly! It looks like the stiches were in her eyebrow though. That's good - Maddy's were above so the hair doesn't cover her scar.