Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pregnancy Weeks Calendar

Every week I like to go to and use the due date calculator to find the pregnancy weeks calendar (mostly because I can't seem to find it without the due date calculator lately) and read what it says about the current week and see the ultrasound picture they have for the week. One reason for doing this is so that I actually remember how far along in the pregnancy I really am. Like I know I'm 6 months along now, but tend to forget how many weeks that translates to. Going back and forth from months to weeks just doesn't seem to be the best thing for me to remember the weeks easily. For those who are wondering, I'm now 27 weeks along.

Hadn't thought before talking about this subject with Katie to include a link or something each week on my blog to the information for the week. Decided that sounded like a good idea, so here's a link that should hopefully take you to the information for week 27 on the pregnancy weeks calendar.

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Katie said...

If you go to they have something called a "baby Ticker" (up on the top under 'Tools") and you can customize it and post the html code to your blog. It automatically updates everyday.