Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Woke up early on Saturday morning to the joys of having a sick and hurling child. Molly is funny when she's sick like that. Gets very mad if you say she's sick. She may be throwing up constantly, but she's not sick. She really didn't act all that sick when she wasn't hurling, but after I had her lay down for a while, she really did feel much better. She would have been sad to be sick on Sunday. Mostly because she had a dress she wanted to wear and I wouldn't let her wear it as an everyday dress.

Sunday came and my stomach hurt me most of the day. Fun way to spend a Mother's Day, let me tell you. I did go to church. My stomach didn't really hurt until I was at church. Was really tempted to go home because just laying down sounded really nice. But I decided to stay because of the primary kids singing a song during Sacrament meeting. Which Jimmy missed doing because he was being ornery and Russ had him out and was talking to him. Of course, Lyssa refused to stay with me and went up with Molly and Emma to sing. Made a lot of people laugh as she squeezed to the front and kept waving and yelling, "Hi Mom!" before the song started. Got home from church and Russ was nice and let me nap. When I woke up, Lys came and climbed up on my bed and promptly fell asleep. That was a big clue to me that she wasn't feeling well. She had it, too. Only she didn't hurl. She had diarrhea.

Later that night, Jimmy started to not feel well. He ended up staying home from school yesterday and again today. I think he feels better today, but there are times when he really doesn't. Just safer to keep him home. Even though I worry that he has missed a lot of school this year. Of course, part of his wanting to stay home today probably has to do with the fact that Emma doesn't have school for the next three days. They are doing the individual end of year testing for Kindergarten starting today, so they don't go.

I keep waiting for Emma to get it, but she seems fine. Starting to wonder if she actually had it last week. One day she did tell me that her stomach hurt, but a few minutes later she acted fine. I don't actually see Russ staying home from work if he ends up with it. He just doesn't like to miss work.

Summer coming is starting to look nicer and nicer every day.

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