Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day of School/Report Cards

It is really strange to think that school has now ended for Jimmy and Emma for the year. Really seems like they should have a while to go still. Jimmy said he was kind of sad because he knows he won't be seeing some of his friends until school starts up again in the fall, but happy that he won't have to go to school for a bit.

The school is posting class lists later this afternoon, but they also sent home a little sticker on the report cards or whatnot for the kids telling them whose class they will be in at the start of the next school year. Which is kind of nice because that means I won't have to go back over to the school and let the kids look to see who they have. Emma will have Mr. "E," the same teacher Jimmy had for 1st grade. So for now at least, Emma is following Jimmy. Wonder if she will have the same 2nd grade teacher that he had. Jimmy has a Mrs. Brady or something close to that. Can't remember off the top of my head for sure. I just know that he's happy because he didn't get the teacher he has been saying he doesn't want.

Jimmy and Emma both wore their school shirts and wanted kids to sign them. Unfortunately, Emma didn't have a marker so she didn't get hers signed. Jimmy came home with his shirt covered with people's names. And a "Kick Me" that got crossed off on the back.

Jimmy's report card was much better this quarter than last. His grades in math were still down from his normal, but were better than they had been. He got almost all 4's, except in math. At least this time he didn't have any zeros. I still think some of his lower scores last quarter was from missing so many days of school.

Emma's report card was about the same as it was last quarter. She got mostly 4's with a couple of 3's thrown in here and there. She also had a form that showed where she was before Kindergarten and where she is now. She had a few things at the start of Kindergarten to work on that at the end showed that she answered all questions for the test correctly.

Now if only I can think of ways to keep them from being so bored during the summer that they drive me absolutely nuts....

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