Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Emma's Kindergarten Test

Emma had her end of year individual kindergarten test today. She was very excited about it as we were walking over and was kind of skipping and stepped on the edge of some grass and fell down. Skinned her knee nicely. She was upset until I told her that we could maybe see if her teacher had a bandaid to put on it. Which she did.

Her teacher had some toys in a couple of tubs for siblings to play with, so Molly and Lyssa were occupied while Emma took the test. As nice as it was that they were playing nicely, it was almost distracting to hear their comments occasionally. Like when they wandered over to the play area and Lys loudly said, "Mom, I'm taking a shower!" (To which Emma's teacher said, "Well, they are creative.")

Emma did quite well on the test. Of the marks I saw her teacher record for her, they were all A's. The only thing she struggled with was actually writing her numbers. She has a tendency to write them backwards or sideways. Her teacher did ask me if she talks much at home. I said that sometimes the trouble is getting her to stop. She asked because Emma is so quiet at school. Just wanted to make sure she does actually talk occasionally. She did say that one boy in the class sticks up for her and says that she will talk to him. She must just take after me. Gets in groups and tends to let everyone else do all of the talking. Her teacher said that she really is quite intelligent, just sometimes it's hard to know for sure because she is so quiet.

Emma was very happy when her teacher gave her a treat for being able to count to 100. She also gave Emma, Molly, and Lys each a bag of chips for coming. They were all excited about that one. Molly and Lyssa were happy when Emma decided to share her treat with them, too.

Russ had wanted me to call him after and let him know how it went. Emma wanted to tell him. So after he answered, I handed her the phone. She pretty much yelled, "Good!" and handed me back the phone and giggled.

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