Saturday, May 3, 2008

One Millionth Song Celebration Thing

Yesterday was the day the radio station had their little party thing for their one millionth song played. After reading online about some of the things they planned on having there, I decided that the kids would have fun going so I didn't need to try to find something to do with them and could take them along with me. I am very glad, however, that Mom decided to drive down with Madison and Josie and Madison's friend, Ann. Jimmy seemed to have fun with Josie there and I was very glad to have Mom along. Just made it easier. Especially when I was signing in as one of the 101 closest guessers and Emma really needed to go to the bathroom.

So anyway, after what seemed to be a very long drive to get to the place, I signed in and was given a cd. Had no clue what the cd was for, but would find out a little later. I think we got there at a good time. There were already people there to sign in, but the line was shorter than it was a little later. (I realized on the drive down that I did my usual forgetting to bring my camera. When I got home I discovered that wasn't a bad thing since the battery needed to be recharged so I would have just taken it for the ride.)

The radio station had people bring food and they grilled hot dogs and had sodas. A little later Chick-Fil-A brought sandwiches and then Tucanos brought some yummy food. They gave plates that had a piece of steak, a piece of bacon-wrapped chicken and a piece of grilled pineapple. There were also people there to do face painting and balloon animals for the kids. Molly kept saying she didn't want her face painted. Then she saw Emma's and wanted it, but wanted me to take her. At that point, I had found out what the cd was for and was in the middle of a very long line and didn't want to lose my spot so told her I would take her after. When she was in line for face painting, she danced and would sing a song they had played a little earlier.

The cd was to put in the car that they were giving away to find out what prize those of us who were the closest guessers would get. None of the cd's would say that you won the car, this was just a bonus prize. Anyway, we would put our cd in the car (had a 6 cd changer so they had problems with the very first one until they figured out why it wasn't playing) and we would hear the dj Parker tell us what prize we won. I won a $25 gift card to Best Buy. I was happy with that. Could have just been a hat.

When they first started broadcasting from there, they told everyone that the one millionth song would be played within 10 songs. And man, did they drag it out. Of course, they had the singer Kerli (for those like me who had to hear it to know how it was's pronounced Kerli...she's from Armenia) there and interviewed her. Molly had been excited to see the "little creepy girl" but didn't see her when they were talking to her and was sad that we didn't stick around to hear her perform. Madison and her friend both got a cd single signed by her and Madison told me she gave them hugs.

Anyway, at 4:52 they played their one millionth song. I obviously didn't win. If I had, I would have mentioned it at the start. The lady who won made a very good guess. She guessed that they would play it on May 2 at 4:53. I never really thought I would win anyway.

We would have left as soon as they played the song and announced the winner, but my girls were in line to go down one of the big inflatable slides. Once they went down it, I discovered that Jimmy wasn't with Josie like I had thought he was. Spent the next 10 minutes or so looking for him. I told him he can't just wander off like that and needs to tell us where he is going. He got a bit grumpy being told that. So the green monster he had painted for his face paint fit him nicely at that moment.

All in all, I think the kids had a good time. I was very tired after standing and walking around for nearly 3 hours, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that I wasn't there by myself.

I did take pictures of the kids and their painted faces once I got home, but they had already faded a lot. Especially Lyssa's. I will probably post them later.

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