Monday, May 19, 2008

What's in a Name?

Seems like with this baby and with Jimmy, we had no problems coming up with a name. Pretty much had a name picked out before we were even pregnant. Of course, I never would tell Russ that I didn't mind the name he suggested this time around because with Lys, all we could come up with was a boy's name (which isn't the same name we are thinking this time) and didn't come up with a name for her until shortly before she was born. I really didn't want a repeat of that so told Russ I wasn't even going to think of names until after the ultrasound. So after the ultrasound showed that we are having a boy, I told him that I don't mind the name he had mentioned. I guess my telling him I wasn't even going to think of names gave him the impression I hated the name and so he was surprised.

Anyway, the name we have pretty much decided on (and doing it just like we did with Jimmy of still thinking of names to see if there is anything we like better) is Dylan Fitzgerald. The name Dylan still doesn't seem quite right to me, but I figure that's because when I was pregnant with Emma (and we knew she was a girl), I dreamt she ended up being a boy and asked what we were going to name him. The baby turned to me and said, "Daniel." Which is a name Russ would never go for naming a child. But ever since then I think of a boy and that's the first name that pops in my head. And since Stacey was nice and named her youngest son Daniel, I figure I'm off the hook of trying to talk Russ into a name he would hate.

I just think Russ is funny trying to come up with ways to make it have double letters. He figures Jimmy, Emma, Molly, and Alyssa all have double letters, so this one should. I tell him that James doesn't though, and James is Jimmy's actual name. He keeps trying to convince me we should spell it Dylann. I keep telling him that would be the way to spell it if you were naming a girl that. I also tell him we could spell it Dillon or Dillan if he wants the double letters, but he wants it spelled with the "y" instead of the "i." So he's out of luck with double letters on that one, I think.

Anyway, feel free to comment on the name or even give suggestions for other names. Probably won't use any suggestions, but don't let that stop you from making them.


Jared & Lisa said...

I like the name Dylan, I think your right about the not having the double letters... You could always tell Russ he could get the double letters by his own nickname for the babe. Is Fitzgerald a family name? Where did that come from?

Cindy said...

Fitzgerald is Russ' grandpa's middle name.

gsd4de said...

Russ, Jimmy, Emma, Molly, Alyssa...and Cindy. Seems like you need a kid to match you now. Right? ;) I agree with you about the two 'n's making it look like a girl's name, so tell him not to go there.
I like Dylan. If you were looking for a supporting vote, you have it. :)