Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Latest appointment/ultrasound

The appointment today went relatively well, I would say. Russ says he's not sure he knows more now than before the appointment, but I figure we do know more and actually have a name for it.

First and ultrasound tech spent some time and did a thorough ultrasound and said that from what she could see, it was the same problem as was in the report from my doctor. Which made me chuckle since I could not remember everything that was described to me. Russ basically asked her to tell us what that said and so she did. She gave us a dvd copy of the ultrasound.

Then a doctor came in and did some more with the ultrasound machine and explained a few things. Gave me the number to Cardiology at Primary's and said to call them and schedule a fetal echocardiogram. Which I have called but left a message. The message thing said they should call back within two hours.

Anyway, the doctor said that the baby has tetralogy, which essentially means there are 4 problems. One being vsd, which is a hole between the left and right ventricle, which sometimes corrects itself and often needs no correcting at all. The info I read on Wikipedia says that with treatment, a person with tetralogy often leads a normal life with generally good cardiac function. So there you have it. I'm sure we will know more as we go along, but that's about what I know for now.

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Meg&CC said...

You may have already checked it out, but if not, go to They have great information. You are welcome to bring the kids over anytime, just let me know so I will be there.