Sunday, November 23, 2008

Emma's party

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Emma. She invited a few friends from school and we went to McDonald's for her party. Birthday parties at McDonald's are the easiest birthday parties to throw for kids. So I'm a big fan of them. One girl at the party exclaimed that it was the funnest party she's been to. She told me that she kept asking her dad if it was time to go to the party yet, she was so excited. I laughed because I heard that question several times earlier in the day, starting almost from when Emma and Molly got back home after Emma's birthday sleepover with her grandma and grandpa. Russ got to the party after I had ordered the food and was filling up the drinks at the drink machine. Emma had been concerned that he wouldn't make it to her party so she was glad when he got there.Took a quick picture while the kids were all sitting relatively still because they had their food. I tried to get everyone in the picture, but one friend got kind of cut off on the right side.
I laughed at this one because he was leaning back into the window trying to get out of the picture.
I almost think I should send this picture to the cakewrecks blog. Just makes me laugh that they did the writing upside down. And then added a period, which looks somewhat out of place. Emma didn't care though. She loved the cake. It was a white cake with raspberry filling from Dick's Market. Wasn't sure she would like the filling but she loved it. I think she wishes the cake were bigger so she could have more to eat. (Not that she would get more if it were bigger...I tend to sneak pieces and eat the whole thing all by myself.) This was where Dylan was during the party. He's a good baby. He was awake the whole time and just sat in his carseat and looked around happily. And yes, I put him in his red shirt on purpose because of the Utes playing BYU yesterday. Not that anyone really noticed. But I'm very happy that the Utes won!

I left the party a little early because I had plans to go for a kind of girl's day out and see the movie Twilight. I liked the movie. Thought it was a little cheesy, but I still liked it.

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