Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Belated Valentine's post

I really did mean to write a post on Valentine's Day. I was going to take my handy dandy little camera with me when I went to Jimmy's class and helped out with his class party and then I would have some pictures to post with telling about it. But typically, when I was loading everything up to take over to the school, the camera totally slipped my mind and I didn't bring it. I did remember before the party actually started, but didn't think I really had time to run back home and grab it. Plus I didn't really feel like running home just to grab a camera. Anyway, I thought his class party went well. Probably mostly because I was able to take the three girls up to Myrna and have her watch them while I helped at the school. Still kind of shudder to think of how it would have been with those three very bored during the party.

For my part of the class party, I bought some unfrosted cupcakes and some frosting from Dick's and topping stuff and the kids were able to decorate their own cupcakes. We divided the class up into 4 groups (makes you almost wonder about the quality of education the kids are getting when one of the other moms who was helping asked the teacher how many were there and she said 25 and after you pipe up with, "So 6 or 7 in each group," the other mom and the teacher both say, "5 or 6") and had them at one of 4 stations for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it didn't take any of the kids 20 minutes to decorate and eat their cupcake. Maybe 5 minutes, tops. Having had lots of candy for the topping, I did let them just eat some candy while they waited for the whistle to move to the next station. Although most enjoyed looking at the Valentine's they had just received from other class members. I did my best to keep them from distrupting the other 3 groups. Which wasn't actually as hard as it sounded. Helped to remind the kids to wash their hands because they were a little messy after the cupcakes.

After the party was over, I took the leftover cupcakes and frosting back out to my car and waited a few minutes for Jimmy to come out. We then drove back up to get the girls to come home. Of course, they were having a good time and so we stayed for a bit as Jimmy and Emma compared the Valentine's they had each received. Emma told me her party was fun. I think she was most excited about the foam and pipe cleaner bracelet she made. Which she has since lost.

That was pretty much it for my Valentine's Day. Russ bought me some roses a couple of days before and a heart-shaped cake from Dick's when he stopped during that really bad storm to pick up some frosting for Dick's for me. I still owe Russ some Rice Krispy treats. I usually make him some for Valentine's. Didn't have anything to make them though. At least I did run out and buy him a strawberry milkshake later that night because he was sick.


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