Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Russ work related info

Yes, I know, I've already posted two other things today. I just happened to have a few things to mention and decided they would almost work out better in separate posts since I ramble enough anyway. This way I keep to the subject. At least sort of.

Russ called me today and told me that he found out that effective Friday, Contempo is closing the AO store. We knew this was happening as they had been moving inventory down to the main Contempo store and to their big distribution warehouse. They kept two of the showroom girls but fired everyone else. They also fired a couple of guys at Contempo. One of which had been working for Contempo longer than Russ had.

Really makes me glad that Russ quit Contempo and went to work for Dal. Russ said he commented to E that it could have been them who were fired if they had stayed there. E said that if they had stayed there, AO would still be running. Which could be true. But the way things were heading over there, I'm not positive it would be true. I just know that Dal has done better and AO has done worse since Russ, E, and Mossy left. It would just be totally stressful for us right now if Russ had been working there and had been fired. Man, I'm glad he works for Dal now.

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