Thursday, May 21, 2009

Primary Planting Activity

On Saturday our ward had the annual Primary activity of planting flowers around the city buildings. We were a bit late, so most of the flowers were already planted by the time we got there (they were fast at planting), but the kids were still able to plant a little. I think the thing they like the most about the activity are the popsicles afterward. I think this was about the first one that Russ was able to go help with. Which meant he helped the kids plant while I stood and chatted. I hope he can come help next year, too.

Anyway, here are a few pictures. Not in any particular order.

This first one is of Russ, Molly, and Lys as they are planting.
Molly and other kids enjoying the popsicles.
Jimmy and others.
Bunch of kids playing around a fountain at the city building. Jimmy and Molly are in there somewhere. I thought Emma and Lys were, but I can't see them.
While some were finishing up the planting, some of the boys decided it would be fun to play in the covered bench area for the bus stop. Again, Jimmy is in there somewhere.
Russ with Emma and Molly.


Kem said...

Oh are kids and my stroller. So cute and what a fun activety

Monica said...

What a fun thing to do for the kids. Great service experience too.