Thursday, May 28, 2009

4th Grade Rendezvous

Today at the school the 4th grade had a nearly all day Mountain Man type of rendezvous. I remember doing a little bit of Mountain Man stuff in school, but don't think it was to quite the level as the one today. Actually, about the most I remember doing was watching Jeremiah Johnson or A Man Called Horse.

The rendezvous they had today at the school looked like it was a lot of fun for the kids. They had a "watering hole" where the kids could get drinks of root beer, a booth to get popcorn, a booth for fried bread (well, we who were there said scones, but the sign said "Fry bread"), and even a general store. All of these things cost the kids "beaver pelts" which were actually yellow paper that said beaver pelt on it. Then they had games. The games were mostly games that fit the time period. Like rolling a hula hoop with a stick or leg wrestling. I lucked out and was able to help out with the scones. Even though we were cooking with hot oil and that was hot, we at least had shade. Most of those helping out with the games had to sit out in the sun.

I got there about 12:30 and did a little bit to help get things set up and ready as we waited for the kids to come out. Molly and Lyssa entertained themselves by playing on mounds of dirt and sod that the school district was dumping in the parking lot. Why? I have no idea. The only picture I was able to get today was of a lovely sod castle they made later. I had forgotten that my camera needed to be charged so that was all I could get. I may eventually post it. But not today. The kids came and seemed to have a blast. I managed to splash a little bit of oil on my hand, but it startled me more than anything. Guess I'm just used to a little bit of oil splatters (it's the ones that pop in the eye that really hurt).

Jimmy had been telling me he needed something that he could barter with, preferably homemade, so I make some sugar cookies for him. Gave him 2 dozen that were frosted and even had sprinkles. Hadn't been totally convinced that he needed them, but as I was over there I learned that he did. After the activities that I helped with the kids were going to have their own bartering time. He didn't come home with any. Kind of makes me wish I had eaten one before I gave them to him. They were a little on the big side for cookies. Guess it just gives me an excuse to make more, right?

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Monica said...

What a totally fun day for the kids! I wish that I could have helped out too.