Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike Riding

If you've read my facebook status, you are already aware that Jimmy just learned to ride a bike. (I can't really give him a hard time about being 10 when he learned. I think I was even older.) He'd been trying for a couple of days and kept insisting that he couldn't do it and bikes were dumb. Then yesterday Mike and Sadie biked over from their house so Jimmy happily got on his bike and practiced some more. I commented to Mike that I wondered if he would have any luck helping him. He really didn't do anything we hadn't done, only was a little more specific when he told him about turning when he feels like he's tipping. When Mike and Sadie left, Jimmy was really no closer to riding his bike. Two minutes after they left, he was riding around and would tell me that riding a bike is really fun. He now says that his uncle taught him to ride a bike, which makes me chuckle. He even has since tried teaching his sisters to ride a bike. And he had his first wipe-out this morning. Early. Hit the curb and scraped his cheek. I tried to be sympathetic and not laugh. Honest.

Here's a picture of Jimmy showing that he can ride any bike now and riding the really little one we have, Emma happily running along behind him (if you notice, I recently cut their hair. Jimmy wanted a buzz so that was easy. Didn't do a great job on Emma's hair. Obviously not a professional. Not even close to one).
Here's a short video that shows him riding Emma's bike. Again showing that he can ride bikes other than his own. Oh, I meant to add in my previous post that I hadn't posted about it before because I had no idea where the camera was. When Jimmy was actually riding the bikes yesterday I asked Russ if he knew where it was. Guess I should have asked him sooner.


Linda said...

YAY Jimmy!!! It's ok. I had training wheels on my bike till I was like 12 or something. I just didn't care about taking them off. LOL!

Monica said...

Way to go Jimmy!!! Now you are a even faster moving kid then before.