Friday, May 15, 2009

Renaissance Festival

Last weekend we had some friends come from out of town to go to the Utah Renaissance Festival. They stayed at our house and talked us into going along with them. They came prepared to attend in costume (even so far as to make some of the costumes), which they were happy about when we looked at the website and it said that costumed guests would receive half off of admission. They actually brought an extra costume that they lent to Russ to use. I had one that I could use, but lent it to my niece for Halloween so borrowed one from another friend (thanks Suzy). The girls used costumes they've used at Halloween before and we did a quick make-shift costume for Jimmy and for Dylan. It was fun. Especially watching the jousting. There was a wedding there that day, too. Here are a few pictures we took that day. Unfortunately, we didn't get any of the actual jousting because I handed Russ the camera and he was holding Dylan so didn't take any.

This first one is of Molly, Jimmy, and Emma as we were waiting for the jousting to begin. We got there a bit early so we would make sure we got good spots for the kids to see easier. Just so you know, if you go watch a jousting event, watch out for flying lance pieces.
I mostly took this picture just to prove that Dylan was there. Russ tried to make him look like a little pirate. he had a little hat and everything, but kept pulling it off.
Russ with the other kids looking at the horses they used for the jousting.
Here I'm trying to get Molly up on the horse for a ride. She was afraid of the horse and was fighting me. Never did get her on it, so Lys took her turn. Quite happily, I might add. By the horses they were selling Pygmy goats. Russ and the kids said they wanted one. I said no.
Jimmy on the horse.
Emma riding the horse. I love that she has an expression like she's very proud of herself here.
Lys on the horse. This horse was funny. They had some hay for the horses at the starting/stopping point and she didn't want to go. Just wanted to stand there and eat. Typical horse.
Jimmy in the stocks.
Russ in the stocks.
Russ and Molly. Have to add that the shirt Russ is wearing makes me think of a certain episode of Seinfeld.

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Monica said...

What a fun family trip! I have always wanted to go to one of those but always seem to miss it. Looks like you all had a great time and I will keep that tip about the lance pieces in mind in case I ever do get to go to one. I loved the pictures of the boys in the stocks too, very funny.