Friday, May 22, 2009

Picnic on the Playground

Okay, now that I'm done with that somewhat cheesy post before this, I can get on to lighter things.

Today was the school's annual Picnic on the Playground. I remember the elementary school I went to doing something like this. Only they gave everyone sack lunches to go eat out on the playground. I remember thinking it was a blast. Maybe next year I will have the kids get the school lunches instead of bringing them lunch for it. Just because.

Anyway, this morning I wasn't quite sure how it would work out. Molly had been sick and throwing up early this morning. Has since been and felt fine, so I'm hoping it was just something she ate and that it won't spread to the other kids. Not sure I'm ready for everyone to get sick again. Anyway, since she was feeling better, I decided I would go ahead and stay there and eat with the kids rather than showing up to check them out and going home. The kids seemed to have fun. They ate quickly then ran off to play on the playground and get their free snow cone. The only downfall was that when we went to their classrooms to get their backpacks, Emma's was missing. We think someone must have taken hers, mistaking it for theirs. So hopefully she will get it back on Tuesday. Hasn't stopped her from being sad about it though.

Here are two pictures of the kids eating their lunches. I really only took the two pictures. It was bright so I hadn't noticed that I managed to cut off Emma's face. Sorry Emma.

Totally off the subject here, but I have seen way too many movies. When I go to pick up Dylan and see that he has a runny nose, I can't help but call him (in somewhat of a British accent-don't even remember if the movie character spoke with a British accent, but I always do) "Snotface."

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