Friday, March 25, 2011


This month Jimmy performed in the 6th grade play. They did "Into the Woods."  Jimmy was one of two boys who played the role of the prince's steward in the performance.  Here he is in costume:
The kids worked hard to learn ttheir parts and did a pretty good job.  As usual, we were later in getting to the school than I hoped (same story with Emma's 3rd grade program, but I'll get to that) so had to sit in the back.  So the pictures we got weren't the best.  But sitting in the back has its advantages when one has to take a 2 year old to the bathroom in the middle of the show.  Jimmy was excited and nervous about the performance and only forgot one line, but I think that was more out of confusion on whose turn it was to speak.

Here's a picture of Jimmy on stage:

The next week it was Emma's turn.  The third grade put on a program about how people can make a difference.  Emma had been excited about the program and was often talking about for weeks before the program.  She quickly and easily memorized her line for it.  Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries so I wasn't able to take any good pictures.  This one I have posted is the best one I was able to get.  Emma is standing in the front row.  They all wore dark clothes because they used black lights for one song. 

As I said about Jimmy's play, sitting in the back sometimes has its advantages.  I had to take Dylan out a couple of times and Lys out once.  This time though I was right by the doors.  Made it that much easier to take them out.
After the program, my mom took the kids to get ice cream.  Since getting a new car, we were all able to go together.  Which was nice.  After going almost 6 months with not being able to fit the whole family in one car, it's still almost strange to think that we can all fit now.  Anyway, the kids had fun getting the ice cream.  Probably went a little overboard since it was a serve yourself kind of ice cream place where they charge by weight.  Amazingly, they ate almost all of it.

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