Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bear Lake

As most know, we went camping at Bear Lake this past weekend. We had fun. Lyssa isn't a big camper yet (Emma and Jimmy really love camping) and kept saying she wanted to go home, but I think she had a good time most of the time. She's still pointing out all of her mosquito bites though. Anyway, I thought I'd post some pictures from the trip.
Molly and Lyssa sitting at one of the tables in the pavillion area.
Rebecca and Lyssa playing with the sand toys they gave to Lyssa for her birthday.
This time Molly joined them.
Jimmy, Sadie, Maddy, and Emma playing on a sandbar.
The group hanging out on the beach. Not quite sure where Russ and Dave were.

Emma on the sandbar
Jimmy and Sadie making their "island."
I think Lyssa was getting sleepy....

Oh, Russ went yesterday to be an extra in a movie called "Emma: Songs of the Heart." I didn't think to send him with the camera to get a picture of him in costume. Wish I had. He said a lady took his picture and told him she would email it to him, but then he never gave her his email. Unfortunately, the director cancelled the scene he was to be an extra in so he didn't get to do anything other than get dressed up and get stuff put in his hair to make it look greasy. He did say he got to meet the guy who plays Joseph. I think he had fun even though he didn't get to do anything.

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