Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School

Yes, today was the first day of school. Russ gave Emma a father's blessing for school last night. She was so excited that as soon as he touched her, she squeaked. She was practically bouncing in the chair until then. Jimmy had gotten mad at Russ (which was Russ' fault) and wouldn't let Russ give him a blessing. I figure Jimmy will let him today. Jimmy is now in the third grade and Emma is in Kindergarten. Technically, school hasn't started for Emma yet and won't until the 6th of Sept. We did have Kindergarten Orientation this morning, though, so she was able to feel like it started for her. She will do her individual testing tomorrow.
Jimmy's teacher is Mrs. Hansen. He was worried that she would be a mean teacher because she wasn't smiling in the yearbook picture he looked at of her. I walked over to pick him up from school because I realized I didn't talk to him this morning to see if he wanted to come home with the neighbors like he had been doing at the end of the school year last year. I got over to the school and he saw me and pointed to his friends and said, "Can I stay and walk home with them?" At least I got some exercise out of it. When he got home shortly after I did, I asked him how his first day went. In a tone that dripped "Well, duh," he said, "It was great!" I asked him how he likes his teacher. "She's the best teacher ever!" I'm glad he is happy.
Emma has Mrs. Larsen. Kindergarten Orientation went well. I didn't pay as close attention as I probably should have though. Jimmy had the same teacher so I figure I basically know everything she was going to say. She had all of the kids color a picture while she talked so it wouldn't be so boring for them. Afterward, she gave each child a balloon. Molly was very sad at first because she wanted one and I told her they were for the kids starting Kindergarten. Mrs. Larsen then told me that she got extra balloons for the siblings who might be there. Molly was very happy after that. As was Lyssa. I think Emma will be happy when she actually starts going every day.

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