Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yet another Russ update

Russ gave Contempo his two week's notice today. Phil, the manager, had been away on vacation and didn't get back until today. Russ came home early from work yesterday because he's sick and probably would have stayed home today if it weren't for needing to give his notice. He told me he was trying to decide if he should take Phil out to lunch and give him his notice then, or just pull Phil aside and talk to him. Turns out that Phil pretty much made the decision for him.

Phil pulled Russ aside to talk to him about the whole raise thing and said he heard he was thinking about quitting. Russ told him that he had been meaning to talk to him earlier in the day, but Phil had been busy in the back, so he hadn't had the chance. He gave him his notice and talked to him for a little bit. I got the impression that Phil feels bad about it, especially since his getting the manager position is one thing that has led to this. Russ assured him that he isn't upset with him, but he's just had it.

Phil was heading down to the main Contempo building right after that anyway, so he told Rich and the others. He told Russ that Rich will be calling him soon and he will have to have an exit interview before he leaves. Which Russ didn't seem thrilled about. But it's done.

Now I'm just hoping that everyone will be well so we can all go camping this weekend. Jimmy has been sick today. Poor kid seems pretty miserable with it. Emma and Molly have already had it. Just Lyssa and me left to get it. And I think Lyssa is starting to get it. I really, really don't want to get it.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed it, don't forget to check out my poll!

And I just found out another thing. Russ will be an extra for a film called "Emma: Songs of the Heart" that is being made by the people who made the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration film on Monday. The email Mike forwarded Russ about it said that it is being made for the decendants of Joseph and Emma, but they will give each of the extras a copy of the dvd.

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