Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday's stuff....

The non-stress test yesterday went just like the other ones. A little slower than usual, but I did get back to my mom's right about noon like I told her I should be. Got to the hospital for it a few minutes early. And then waited 10 minutes for an elevator. Then waited a couple of minutes to be buzzed in to the maternity area, along with 3 other groups of people...all wanting to go to the same place I was going. At least I didn't have any wait to get back for the test. But then they had a girl training how to do the ultrasound part of it and so that took a little longer than usual. She did apologize for being slow, but it was understandable.

After I got back to Mom's, we picked up some lunch for everyone. Then I ran to the store for a couple of things. As I was loading the kids into the car to leave the store, Russ called me and said his car was done getting fixed and wanted to know if I could get it for him. So I drove back to Mom's and asked if she would be willing to help me get it for him. So we picked it up and left it at the Woods Cross Frontrunner station so he could get it on his way home from work. By this time traffic was getting bad and my a/c in my car isn't cooling as well as it should. But I thought at least it has a/c, unlike Russ' car. Which I found out I was wrong about. Apparently when they replaced his alternator it fixed the problem with his a/c. Cools quite nicely and no longer makes his engine hesitate. Yes, I'm jealous with how nicely his cools now.

I then stopped at home so the kids could get the stuff they wanted to take to their sleepover with their grandma, something they were excited about. First thing they grabbed were their swimming suits. At least traffic wasn't that bad going up there. After dropping them off, I headed back home to wait for Russ so we could go to a bbq/pool party for our friend Jo.

At this point, I will just say that I didn't quite fit into the swimming suit as well as I thought I would. Still fit in it though.

Seeing as the kids slept over at their grandma's to help us so that we could get bedrooms organized and cleaned and painted before the baby actually comes, I should head to Home Depot to buy the paint. I at least have the baby's room ready to be painted. Russ is currently working on clearing out Jimmy's room. Then we'll tackle the girls' room. That could take a while.

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