Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And today's doctor appointments...

Today's doctor appointments went much like last week's, so not much to update you about. The non-stress test went well. They didn't have to wake him up this time. The previous times I've been there, another lady has been getting a non-stress test, too. This time I was all alone in there so the nurse and I sat and chatted for a bit, which was nice since I forgot to bring along something to read.

The appointment with Dr. Steele was a typical appointment. I told him how I will have a fetal echo tomorrow. He asked me if I would ask them if they would want the baby delivered sooner rather than later or if they would like to go as long as possible before delivery, and then call him on Thursday and let him know what they say. Of course, their answer might not matter if I just go into labor. He also told me that if I happen to go into the hospital during the night or evening, to tell them to call him even if he isn't the doctor who is on-call.

So, yes, I have a fetal echo tomorrow. I will post about how that goes.

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