Monday, February 2, 2009

Report cards

Jimmy and Emma brought home their report cards on Friday. Generally, they were both good. Jimmy's had a couple that I question. He got a 0 in math. Every math assignment I've seen him do or bring home has always had good scores. Can't quite figure out the low score for math. He also got a 1 for independent reading. He's a good reader, so I don't understand that one, either. Guess I get to ask his teacher tomorrow at SEP conferences.

Emma's was mostly 4's with a little lower in things like following directions. But that's nothing new. She likes to not do her work. Any ideas to get her to actually do her work are welcome....

I may actually break down and take them over to Krispy Kreme to get the free donuts for good report cards. Mostly because a donut sounds pretty good to me. Not that it is good for me though. I've been eating a lot of not so good for me things lately. Ah, well.

Oh, Dylan cut his first tooth today. Looks kind of painful, but should start to feel better now.

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Jimmy said...

Sweet Krispy Kremes! Me and Emma are luckey!