Friday, February 20, 2009

New Carpet!

We had new carpet installed yesterday. Which wasn't totally planned. Well, for it being yesterday. We knew our carpet was in and we needed to pick it up. Russ had arranged to have someone install it for us and he came to measure Wednesday evening to make sure we had enough carpet ordered for it and to see what all he would need. It was a big job. We replaced the carpet in four bedrooms plus the family room and hall. We had started to get the rooms ready for the new carpet, but weren't totally ready. The basement just needed things cleared out. The rooms upstairs needed a little work (with the exception of Dylan's room...I had gotten that one ready so it just needed to be cleared).

So you can probably imagine my thoughts when Russ told me Wednesday before the guy came that he had him coming on Friday to install. And then when he came he told Russ that he couldn't really do it Friday, but the next day would work for him. Russ and I ended up staying up until 2:00 in the morning trying to get things ready. We didn't quite finish. I got up early yesterday to finish. Jimmy had stayed home sick Wednesday and was faking still being sick (I could tell he was trying really hard not to smile and even told him so) but decided to not fight him about it because he could be a big help with Dylan while I finished getting things ready.

I just had my bedroom left to finish clearing out and pulling up the carpet when he got there. I started to pull some carpet up and he told me he could do that for me. I very happily let him. Figured we were paying him by the hour and he could do it faster than I could. I had thought he could start in the basement then do the upstairs bedrooms, but he had a different idea. Had the padding down in the other two bedrooms when he pulled up the carpet in mine. Got that out quickly and put the padding down.

The kids quite enjoyed running on the padding and then the new carpet. I had to keep telling them to leave Mario (the guy who installed the carpet) alone. As soon as the bedrooms upstairs had carpet in them, the kids were in the rooms having a good time running (and rolling) around. They got a hold of the camera. Jimmy took this picture of Dylan sitting on the carpet in his room:
I'm working slowly at getting things put away. Using it as a way to get rid of things we don't use or need and organizing things. So my living room and kitchen are still disasters, but it's getting there. Anyway, here are two more pictures of the new carpet. It's mostly brown with some green shades in it. I like it. Just find that it's harder to put things back with carpet than to move them on floor without. Ah, well.


Susan said...

Looks great Cindy!

Katie said...

Don't ya just love the smell of new carpet?

Monica said...

The new carpet looks good and I'm glad that the kids had a fun time going around crazy on it too.

Jimmy said...

Hey going crazy is funner than it seems!

meg said...

Horay for new carpet!! I should walk the 15 steps across the street and see it for myself instead of reading about it. :)