Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emma's SEP Conference

I had Emma's SEP Conference today. Originally scheduled one for Jimmy for today as well, but his teacher has been out the past two weeks and will be out all this week so his got cancelled and will be rescheduled sometime after she's back.

Anyway, Emma's went better than I planned. She's been having trouble at times keeping her hands to herself, so I expected the bulk of the conversation to be about her behavior. In a way it was, but not what I expected.

Emma is one of the smartest kids in the class. She does very well when she actually does her work. Yes, she still doesn't always finish her work. Her end of term testing she had to stay in at recess a couple of times to finish, but did very well on it. Her whole class knows how quiet she is so when she is asked to answer a question, they all get very quiet to hear her talk. Her teacher commented that she doesn't hear her make so much noise as she does when we are sitting there for conferences.

So it went generally well. Her teacher is going to try to do a sticker reward for finishing her work. She promised her some stickers the other day if she finished all of her work and she did very well at finishing everything so she's decided to keep trying that to see if it will help.


Monica said...

That is great that Emma is doing so well in school but I do wonder where Jimmy's teacher went. That sure is a long time to be gone.

Cindy said...

She was in the hospital for a while. Jimmy said she had a really bad asthma attack and had to be on a ventilator for a while. Apparently she's home now but is recovering.

Jimmy said...

Hey its true she is!