Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dylan's echo

As you are probably aware, Dylan had another echo yesterday. With all that went on yesterday, I just didn't get a chance to post about it. He's getting to the point where he doesn't like to sit still for very long. Wants to be moving or playing with things. He had been asleep when it was time to go back for his echo and he wasn't very happy to wake up where he was. Actually gave me a dirty look, which made me chuckle. But he was pretty good for the echo. He kept trying to roll over to grab the cords, so I gave him a toy to hold to keep him a little more still. At which point he started to sing as babies do. Made the guy doing the echo laugh. When he finished getting the things that he was supposed to, he said he wanted to do one more little thing. They have recently added 3D to the machines so he did a little in 3D. That was kind of interesting to see. He said the 3D doesn't help when looking at the heart all that much yet, but it's getting there.

From there I went into another room to have the ekg and blood pressure. He was all smiles for the tech who did that and was very happy when she let him hold the cords for the ekg. She said he was one of the best babies for her to do that. He sat very still. I was amazed. She said that Dr. Menon (Dylan's cardiologist) would be in shortly, but was working with a resident who might actually come in first. Which is what happened. When Dylan saw the resident come in, I think he decided he had enough. Didn't want to let her listen to his heart. He was better and held still for Dr. Menon, who told her to listen again because he has a very typical conduit murmur and he wouldn't hold still again.

Anyway, from what Dr. Menon said, his conduit leak has worsened and there is some narrowing with the lungs (I can't remember if it's the veins in the lungs or the bronchial tubes), which he said they will fix when they replace his conduit. So after hearing this, I was happily surprised when he said to come back for another echo in 4 months. I thought he would want to have me come back in 1 or 2 months again. But hey, I'll gladly take 4. Of course, he said the usual of watching for signs that his heart isn't working very well of sweating more, not eating as much, getting tired more, things like that. Seeing as he'll be 10 months old at his next echo (well, almost since we went a week earlier than 4 months because Dr. Menon will be out in June), he is having a sedated echo. Which means I get to be there really early in the morning. Which I guess isn't horrible, but I'm really not a morning person. Ah, well.

Oh, today starts National CHD Awareness week (goes from the 7th through the 14th). So now you're aware. :) Maybe I'll make heart-shaped sugar cookies for it. Or one big heart shaped Rice Krispy treat. Hm...decisions decisions.

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Jimmy said...

So Dylans leak is WORSE?