Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dylan at the hospital

I am really quite tired as I'm writing this, so I hope it makes some sense. Just so you're warned...

Late last night Russ and I decided that we should take Dylan to Primary's to get checked out. He was wheezing quite badly and almost seemed to be having a hard time catching his breath. So I changed back out of my pajamas and drove Dylan to the ER.

My first thought when I stepped into the ER was that it was going to be a very long night. The ER was packed. Took a little bit to find a place to sit after checking in. About a half hour later they called us back to do the vitals and the nurse said, "You just earned yourself some oxygen." His blood/oxygen levels were lower than they should be. So after fighting him about it, they were able to give him some oxygen. I swear the dirty look he gave the nurse was the same he gave me when I had to wake him up for his echo on Friday.

I didn't bring anything to read, which was okay since Dylan was awake most of the time I was waiting. A family sat close to me and the husband asked about the oxygen Dylan had. I told him and also explained how he had been born with a heart defect. Sometimes it's nice talking to people like this. Makes you realize how blessed we really are. He was originally from Africa and said that this country is amazing. In Africa, there wouldn't have been anyone we could have taken Dylan to in order to correct his defect.

To shorten this rambling so that I can take a nap, Dylan was admitted. He should hopefully come home tomorrow. Doesn't have RSV. His lungs look clear, but he had a really bad wheeze that they are treating with nebulizers every 4 hours. Dylan was very tired from being up most of the night with me and so is sleeping a lot this morning. Which is good. Now if only I were asleep too....

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