Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures of Dylan

I thought since I've posted a lot lately, I would go ahead and keep it up at least one more day and post some pictures of Dylan in the hospital this last time. Still wish I had taken a picture of the door with the sign telling the nurses and such that they had to wear masks and things when going in there with him and that the "patient is confined to the room." Just cracked me up for some reason.

Anyway, I took a couple of him playing with the toys they gave him while there. Mostly because I wanted a picture of him in the jammies they let him wear while there. This first one he's not happy because I rolled him onto his back to get a picture of his face and the front of the shirt. He wasn't happy with me. He wanted to stay on his side/stomach playing with the toys.
As you can see here, this is why I turned him onto his back. Can't see his face at all. He sure liked the toys though.
Here's Russ holding him. He really liked playing with the cords.
So there you go. Pictures from the hospital. And another post this month.


meg said...

Cindy! Looks like you had an exhausting weekend. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Jimmy said...

Man Dylans cute with his toys!

Caden said...

Wow, I hadn't gotten on her eto check recently. Sounds like you guys have had a rough week! I know how scary it can be when our kiddos start coughing or wheezing or anything like that. Caden has had lung issues ever since his repair. Not too severe... well once it was. We got ourselves a nebulizer out of the deal, and let me tell you... I am so thankful that we did. Insurance paid for us to keep it since we had it for over 30 days. I guess they figured it'd be cheaper for us to keep it than for them to pay for us to get one every few months. lol

What medication is he on with the nebulizer? It has always helped Caden a lot to have it around. It's also a perk when we call the doctor, and he says to give him a treatment that we already have it on hand.

Thinking about you guys, and hoping that things continue to improve. Has he had an echo recently?

Cindy said...

He's on albuterol with the nebulizer. The discharge papers say a month rental of the nebulizer, but the guy who delivered it told us it was ours to keep. He had an echo just this past Friday.

How are things with they new baby?