Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dylan's 6 month check-up

I took Dylan in for his 6 month check-up this morning. Almost made it on time, even. I blame Molly and Lyssa. For some reason they think go get in the car means play around and ignore mom. I threatened to leave them, which got them moving a little faster. Not much though.

Anyway, Dylan is average height and about the 25th percentile for weight. Which is what he was 2 months ago, so he's growing well. He kept rolling around and trying to grab everything during his exam so I finally gave him the immunization card to hold.

Dylan has had a cold for a little under a week now. He has also been teething and so has been cranky. Turns out his crankiness is probably more because he has an ear infection than his teeth. Plus he wheezes a little and the doctor said it sounds a little like rsv. He said it's probably not rsv since he gets the shot, but nothing can totally protect against it, so there is a chance it is. And if it is, it's just mild, but keep an eye on him. I just wonder if it is rsv, if it would be a bad case if he didn't get the shot. Ah, well. Guess it's good he gets his next echo in two days.